Fish and eggs exports cost recovery redesign

​​​​​​​​​Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, 2015

​Fees and levies for fish and eggs exports will change under the department’s new cost recovery arrangements, from 1 December 2015. This fact sheet​ has been developed to outline the difference between the existing fees and the new arrangements.


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The department has redesigned its cost recovery arrangements with new fees and levies coming into effect on 1 December 2015. This fact sheet has been developed to provide you with an overview of the key changes to charges relating to fish and egg exports. This document should be read in conjunction with the department’s Charging Guidelines and the Food Export Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS).

Key changes

There will be temporary remissions which will reduce the price for some fish and eggs export charges. The remissions will draw down previously accumulated reserves for the four years from 2015–16 to 2018–19. All are subject to ongoing monitoring to assess ongoing affordability and may be adjusted, in consultation with industry, if trade volumes and costs change unexpectedly.

Export certificates

The charge for electronic permits and certificates will be remitted down from $33 to $27 as shown in Table 1.

Registration charges

The charges for most registered fish and egg establishments will be remitted down for the four years from 2015–16 to 2018–19 as outlined in Table 2.

Inspection and audit fees

Inspection and audit fees have not changed and will be charged at $50 per 15 minutes.

Application for exemption

The charges for an application for exemption from an export control order have been simplified and will now be charged at $50 per 15 minutes (see table 3).


Overtime changes have been standardised for activities undertaken outside of the department’s standard span of hours, which are weekdays between 6:30am and 6:30pm, where the activity is delivered. All activities undertaken outside of the department’s standard span of hours will incur the relevant fee for service charge in addition to overtime charges (see table 4).

Further Information

The Food Export CRIS, Charging Guidelines and other supporting material can be found on the department’s website or by emailing Cost Recovery.

Fee and levy changes

Table 1: Fish and eggs certificate rates
Fee itemUnitFee to 30 November 2015UnitCharge from 1 December 2015
Electronic certificate Document$33Document$27
Electronic Permit Document$33Document$27
Electronic - other documentationDocument$33Document$27
Manual certificate Document$100Document$100
Manual permit Document$100Document$100
Manual - other documentationDocument$100Document$100
Replacement certificate Document$500Document$500
Table 2: Fish and eggs registration and establishment charges
Fee itemUnitFee to 30 November 2015UnitCharge from 1 December 2015
Registration applicationPer application$600Per application$600
Fish storage establishment Annual$1 835Annual$1 484
Vessel (preparation not direct export)Annual$1 223Annual$989
Vessel (preparation direct export)Annual$2 446Annual$1 978
Land establishment – live only Annual$1 223Annual$989
Land establishment - processing Annual$2 446Annual$1 978
Egg establishment Annual$1 835Annual$1 484
Table 3: Fish and egg export fees
Fee item Unit Fee to 30 November 2015 Unit Charge from 1 December 2015
Inspection 15 minutes$5015 minutes$50
Audit 15 minutes$5015 minutes$50
Assessment for an exemption--15 minutes$50
Exemption application - 1st application/year Minimum$150--
Exemption application - 1st application/year Additional      30 minutes$75--
Exemption application - 2nd application/yearMinimum $250--
Exemption application – 2nd application/year Additional      30 minutes$83.30--
Exemption application – 3rd application/yearMinimum $500--
Exemption application – 3rd application/year Additional      30 minutes$83.30--
Table 4 Overtime rates
Fee item Unit Charge to 30 Nov 2015 Unit Charge from 1 Dec 2015
Time and a half - continuous (Mon - Sat)15 minutes$16.45--
Time and a half – non-continuous (Mon - Sat)3 hours minimum$197.40--
Double Time – (Sunday)15 minutes$21.93--
Double Time – non-continuous (Sunday)3 hours minimum$263.16--
Double Time and a half – non-continuous3 hours minimum $328.92--
Double Time and a half 15 minutes$27.41--
Overtime – weekday--15 minutes$15
Overtime weekday (non-continuous)--30 minutes (min)$30
Overtime weekend/ public holiday (non- continuous)--30 minutes (min)$40
Overtime weekend/ public holiday (additional)--15 minutes$20
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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