Plant exports: horticulture cost recovery redesign

​​​​​​​​​​Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, 2015

​Fees and levies for horticulture export activities will change under the department’s new cost recovery arrangements, from 1 Decembe​r 2015. This fact sheet has been developed to outline the difference between the existing fees and the new arrangements.


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The department has redesigned its cost recovery arrangements with new fees and levies coming into effect on 1 December 2015. This fact sheet has been developed to provide you with an overview of the key changes to charges relating to horticulture exports. This document should be read in conjunction with the department’s Charging Guidelines and the Plant Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS).

Key changes

Registered establishments

All registered establishments will be subject to annual levies. A simple establishment (exports to non-protocol markets) will be charged $3 000 per annum. A complex establishment (exports to protocol markets) will be charged $6 000 per annum. A small grower/exporter establishment will be charged $600 per annum.

The grower/exporter rate has been established for small horticulture growers seeking to register an establishment that will enable them to export their own product. Grower-exporter establishments that export under a certain amount each financial year (see charging guidelines). The grower-exporter is still required to meet all the other requirements for registering an export establishment.

Applications for new registered establishments will also now incur a one-off $600 levy.

Export tonnage levy

Horticulture exports will now be subject to tonnage charges. Exports to non-protocol markets will have a rate of 95 cents per tonne reducing to 65 cents per tonne by 2017–18, and exports to protocol markets will have a rate of $1.90 per tonne, reducing to $1.20 per tonne by 2017–18. The levies will be applied as a minimum charge of one tonne (or part tonne) per product line.

Authorised officer programme

The authorised officer programme will now be fully cost recovered through new fees and levies (see table 5). Exporters will incur higher charges for activities undertaken by departmental staff that could be undertaken by authorised officers.

Inspection and audit fees

Inspection and audit fees will be charged at $36 per 15 minutes.

Where an exporter could use an approved authorised officer but instead chooses to use a departmental officer, the inspection charge will be $75 per 15 minutes. This will commence for:

  • protocol job functions from 1 July 2016
  • all other job functions from 1 March 2016.

Electronic permits

Documents (excluding phytosanitary certificates) that are applied for electronically will incur a $12 fee per document. Phytosanitary certificates will incur a $50 fee per document, this includes the combined cost of the electronic certificate ($12) and the phytosanitary certificate levy ($38).

All documents applied for manually will incur a $100 fee per document.


Overtime changes have been standardised for activities undertaken outside of the department’s standard span of hours, which are weekdays between 6:30am and 6:30pm, where the activity is delivered. All activities undertaken outside of the department’s standard span of hours will incur the relevant fee for service charge in addition to overtime charges (see table 6).

Further Information

The Plant Exports CRIS, Charging Guidelines and other supporting material can be found on the department’s website or by emailing Cost Recovery.

Fee and levy changes

Table 1: Certificate charges
Fee itemUnitCharge to 30 Nov 2015UnitCharge from 1 Dec 2015
Export permit issued electronicallyDocument$16Document$12
Phytosanitary cert issued electronicallyDocument$16Document$50
Other government documents issued electronicallyDocument$16Document$12
Export permit issued manuallyDocument$100Document$100
Phytosanitary cert issued manuallyDocument$100Document$100
Other government documents issued manuallyDocument$100Document$100
Replacement certificate Document$500Document$500
Table 2: Establishment registration
Fee itemUnitCharge to 30 Nov 2015UnitCharge from 1 Dec 2015
Establishment Application--Per application$600
Establishment registration, Tier 1: basic marketAnnual$2 844--
Establishment registration, Tier 2: additional declarations Annual$5 687--
Establishment registration, Tier 3: protocol marketAnnual$8 530--
Establishment registration small grower/ exporter --Annual$600
Establishment registration non-protocol market--Annual$3 000
Establishment registration protocol market--Annual$6 000
Table 3: Fee for service
Fee itemUnitCharge to 30 Nov 2015UnitCharge from 1 Dec 2015
Fee for Service15 minutes$3615 minutes$36
Additional service--15 minutes$75*
Fee for service Daily$1 152--
Fee for service Weekly$5 760--
Table 4: Horticulture tonnage charge
Fee item Unit Charge to 30 Nov 2015 Unit Charge from 1 Dec 2015
Tonnage - protocol --Per tonne$1.90
Tonnage - non protocol --Per tonne$.95
Table 5: Authorised officer charges
Fee item Unit Charge to 30 Nov 2015 Unit Charge from 1 Dec 2015
Authorised officer application fee--Per application$250
Authorised officer learning and assessment--Per person (up to 5 packages)$1 750
Authorised officer learning and assessment not yet competent--Per person $2 000
Authorised officer approval--Per person$250
Audit fee for Service15 minutes$3615 minutes$36
Annual charge authorised officer--Annual$750
Table 6: Overtime charges (rates to be applied in addition to the relevant fee for service)
Fee item Unit Charge to 30 Nov 2015 Unit Charge from 1 Dec 2015
Time and a half - continuous (Mon - Sat)15 minutes$15--
Time and a half – non-continuous (Mon - Sat)3 hours minimum$180 --
Double Time – continuous
15 minutes$20--
Double Time – non-continuous (Sunday)3 hours minimum$240 --
Double Time and a half – non-continuous3 hours minimum $300 --
Double Time and a half – continuous15 minutes$25--
Overtime weekday --15 minutes$15
Overtime weekday
--30 minutes minimum$30
Overtime weekend/Public holiday
--30 minutes minimum$40
Overtime weekend/ Public holiday (additional)--15 minutes$20

* to commence for protocol job functions from 1 July 2016 and all other job functions from 1 March 2016

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