Meat exports cost recovery redesign

​​​​​​​​​​Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, 2015

​Fees and levies for meat exports will change under the department’s new cost recovery arrangements, from 1 December 2015. This fact sheet​ has been developed to outline the difference between the existing fees and the new arrangements.


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The department has redesigned its cost recovery arrangements with new fees and levies coming into effect on 1 December 2015. This fact sheet has been developed to provide you with an overview of the key changes to charges relating to Meat Exports. This document should be read in conjunction with the department’s Charging Guidelines and the Food Export Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS).

Key changes

There will be temporary remissions which will reduce the price for some meat export charges. The remissions will draw down previously accumulated reserves for the four years from 2015–16 to 2018–19. All are subject to ongoing monitoring to assess ongoing affordability and may be adjusted, in consultation with industry, if trade volumes and costs change unexpectedly.

Registration charges

There is an application levy of $600 to register a meat establishment. Once registered a registration levy is payable for each month that an establishment is registered. The prices of charges on some registered meat export establishments, including abattoirs, independent boning rooms and export casings establishments, will be temporarily remitted down from 2015–16 to 2018–19 as outlined in Table 2.

Throughput rates

Throughput levies apply to all establishments that slaughter or dress animals for export. Charges for some throughput rates for some categories of animals will be temporarily remitted down from 2015–16 to 2018–19, as outlined in Table 3. These reductions will occur in rates charged at Tier 1 establishments – which are Export-Registered Australian Standard Meat Establishments as set out in Meat Notice 2014-04.

Export certificates

The charges for electronically lodged certificates will be temporarily remitted down from $49 to $12 from 2015-16 to 2018-19.

Fees for service

There will be a temporary reduction in planned inspection prices from $30 to $21 for inspections carried out by a Food Safety Meat Assessor (FSMA) and from $39 to $26 for inspections carried out by veterinarians. There will not be any change to existing audit fees. Audits conducted by FSMAs will continue to be charged at $30 per quarter hour and audits where a veterinarian is required will continue to be charged at $108 per quarter hour. The allocation charges for FSMAs and veterinarians will be charged at the same rate for annual allocations and monthly allocations (see table 4).


There is no change to overtime and shift rates for meat exports (see table 5).

Further Information

The Food Export CRIS, Charging Guidelines and other supporting material can be found on the department’s website or by emailing Cost Recovery.

Fee and levy changes

Table 1: Meat export certificate rates
Fee itemUnitFee to 30 November 2015UnitCharge from 1 December 2015
Certificate electronicDocument$49Document$12
Certificate - manual Document$100Document$100
Certificate – ReplacementDocument$500Document$500
Table 2: Meat export establishment and licence charges
Fee itemUnitFee to 30 November 2015UnitCharge from 1 December 2015
Registration Application Application$600Application$600
Abattoir Month$840Month$588
Casings establishmentMonth$840Month$588
Independent Boning Rooms Month$1 250Month$875
Storage and TransportationMonth$840Month$840
Further processingMonth$1 250Month$1 250
Establishment - poultryMonth$1 250Month$1 250
Meat Export License Annual$500 Annual$500
Table 3: Meat export throughput rates
Fee itemUnitFee to 30 November 2015UnitCharge from 1 December 2015
Full UnitAnimal$0.70Animal$0.70
T1 - Full Unit Animal$0.70Animal$0.35
T1 – Establishment Calf Animal$0.07Animal$0.04
Pig Animal$0.24Animal$0.24
Sheep/Goat/Lamb Animal$0.18Animal$0.18
T1 – Establishment Sheep/Goat/Lamb Animal$0.18Animal$0.09
Kangaroo/Wild Boar Animal$0.05Animal$0.05
T1 – Establishment Kangaroo/Wild BoarAnimal$0.05Animal$0.03
Deer/Game Deer Animal$0.14Animal$0.14
T1 – establishment Deer/Game Deer Animal$0.14Animal$0.14
Rabbit/Possum/Hare Animal$0.02Animal$0.02
T1 – Establishment Rabbit/Possum/Hare Animal$0.02Animal$0.02
Table 4: Meat export fee for service rates
Fee itemUnitFee to 30 November 2015UnitCharge from 1 December 2015
ATM   15 minutes$10815 minutes$108
Annual allocation
Month$9 790.75Month$9 790.75
Monthly allocation
Month$10 681Month$9 790.75
FSMA  (additional) Annual allocationMonth$11 843.25Month$11 843.25
FSMA  (additional) Monthly allocationMonth$12 920Month$11 843.25
Annual allocation
Month$15 199.50Month$15 199.50
Monthly allocation
Month$16 582Month$15 199.50
FSMA   15 minutes$3015 minutes$30
FSMA - (planned service)15 minutes$3015 minutes$21
VO 15 minutes$3915 minutes$39
VO - (planned service)15 minutes$3915 minutes$26
FSMA 15 minutes$3015 minutes$30
Assessment for an exemption --15 minutes$30
Table 5: Meat export overtime and shift rates
Fee itemUnitFee to 30 November 2015UnitCharge from 1 December 2015
FSMA overtime15 minutes$10.4315 minutes$10.43
FSMA O/T - time & half 15 minutes$15.6415 minutes15.64
FSMA O/T - double time 15 minutes$20.8615 minutes$20.86
FSMA O/T - double time & half 15 minutes$26.0715 minutes$26.07
FSMA non continuous 4 hours minimum$166.884 hours minimum$166.88
FSMA O/T – non continuous time & half 4 hours minimum$250.244 hours minimum$250.24
FSMA O/T – non-continuous double time 4 hours minimum$333.764 hours minimum  $333.76
FSMA O/T – non-continuous double time & half 4 hours minimum$417.124 hours minimum$417.12
VO O/T - time & half15 minutes$24.2515 minutes$24.25
VO O/T - double time 15 minutes$32.3415 minutes$32.34
VO O/T - double time & half 15 minutes$40.4315 minutes$40.43
VO O/T – non-continuous time & half3 hours minimum$291.123 hours minimum$291.12
VO O/T – non-continuous double time 3 hours minimum$388.083 hours minimum$388.08
VO O/T – non-continuous double time & half 3 hours minimum$485.163 hours minimum$485.16
FSMA - Weekday 15 minutes$1.5715 minutes$1.57
FSMA – Saturday15 minutes$5.2215 minutes$5.22
FSMA - Sunday 15 minutes$10.4315 minutes$10.43
FSMA  - Public Holiday 15 minutes$15.6515 minutes$15.65
VO - Weekday 15 minutes$2.4315 minutes$2.43
VO - Saturday 15 minutes$8.0915 minutes$8.09
VO - Sunday 15 minutes$16.1715 minutes$16.17
VO - Public holiday 15 minutes$24.2615 minutes$24.26
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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