Vessel clearance cost recovery redesign

​​​​​​​​Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, 2015

Fees and levies for vessel clearance activities will change under the department’s new cost recovery arrangements, from 1 December 2015. This fact sheet​ has been developed to outline the difference between the existing fees and the new arrangements.​


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The department has redesigned its cost recovery arrangements with new fees and levies coming into effect on 1 December 2015. This fact sheet has been developed to provide you with an overview of the key changes to charges relating to vessel clearance. This document should be read in conjunction with the department’s Charging​ Guidelines and the Biosecurity Co​st Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS).

Key changes

Vessel arrival charges

All maritime vessels entering into Australia will pay an arrival levy. Vessels less than 25 metres will pay $100 on arrival and vessels 25 metres or more will pay $720 on arrival. This levy replaces the pratique fee previously charged upon arrival. Inspection fees will be charged in addition to the arrival levy.

Fees for service

A standard fee of $30 per 15 minutes will apply for all activities performed in-office, including assessing ballast water risks and quarantine pre-arrival reports (QPARs). A standard fee of $50 per 15 minutes will be applied to all activities performed out-of-office, including vessel inspections.


Overtime changes have been standardised for activities undertaken outside of the department’s standard span of hours, which are weekdays between 6:30am and 6:30pm, where the activity is delivered.  All activities undertaken outside of the department standard span of hours will incur the relevant fee for service charge in addition to overtime charges (table 2).

Further Information

The Biosecurity CRIS, Charging Guidelines and other supporting material can be found on the department’s website or by emailing Cost Recovery.

Fee and levy changes

Table 1: Maritime vessel charges
DocumentUnitCharge to 30 Nov 2015UnitCharge from 1 Dec 2015
Pratique fee (document assessment only) for vessels ≥ 25mPer vessel$850--
Pratique fee (document assessment and up to 2 hours inspection) for vessels ≥ 25mUp to 2 hours$1 210--
Pratique fee for vessels < 25 mUp to 1.5 hours$380--
Additional inspectionPer 15 minutes (after 2 hours) $45--
Vessel arrival charge <25m--Per vessel$100
Vessel arrival charge ≥ 25m--Per vessel$720
In office fee--15 minutes$30
Out of office fee--15 minutes$50
Day rate (7.5 hours)Per day$900Per day $1 000
Table 2: Overtime charges
DocumentUnitCharge to 30 Nov 2015UnitCharge from 1 Dec 2015
Overtime weekday 15 minutes$1615 minutes$15
Overtime weekday
3 hours (minimum)$19230 minutes (minimum)$30
Overtime weekend/ Public Holiday (non-continuous)3 hours (minimum)$28830 minutes (minimum)$40
Overtime weekend/Public Holiday (additional)15 minutes$2415 minutes$20
Overnight feePer night$150--
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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