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​​Please note that views or opinions expressed in submissions reflect the views or opinions of the organisations or individuals making those submissions. Publication of submissions shall not be taken as an endorsement by the Australian Government or the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources of any views or opinions so expressed.

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DocumentPagesFile size
Ainley, Russell PDF 19610 KB
Arbuthnot, Alex PDF 3215 KB
Australian Agroforestry Foundation and the Otway Agroforestry Network PDF 141.4 MB
Australian Forest Contractors Association PDF 990 KB
Australian Forest Growers PDF 281.2 MB
Australian Forest Products Association PDF 33403 KB
Australian Furniture Assocation PDF 11473 KB
Australian Greens - Senator Janet Rice PDF 3364 KB
Australian Timber Importers Federation PDF 141.1 MB
Bioenergy Australia PDF 13494 KB
Cape York Partnership PDF 7494 KB
Clarence Valley Council PDF 3441 KB
Davidson, John PDF 81.1 MB
Dorset Renewable Industries PDF 4101 KB
Forest and Wood Products Australia PDF 3571 KB
Forest Industries Federation Western Australia PDF 9533 KB
Forest Industries Research Centre - University of the Sunshine Coast PDF 7284 KB
Forest Stewardship Council Australia PDF 3384 KB
Forestry Tasmania PDF 3384 KB
Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association of Australia PDF 8446 KB
Glenelg Shire Council PDF 192.5 MB
Green Triangle Forest Industry Training Task Force 7597 KB
Harris, George PDF 5480 KB
Heartwood Plantations PDF 694 KB
HQPlantations PDF 5378 KB
Hurford Hardwoods PDF 5278 KB
Institute of Foresters Australia - Victorian Division PDF 7513 KB
Kile, Glen PDF 2441 KB
Koppers Wood Products PDF 8585 KB
Lang, Andrew PDF 9279 KB
Latrobe City Council PDF 221.5 MB
Limestone Coast Economic Diversification Group PDF 9238 KB
Lynea Advisory PDF 271.1 MB
Manufacturing Skills Australia PDF 11437 KB
Mathoura Red Gum Sawmills PDF 121.5 MB
Morgan Sawmill PDF 2133 KB
National Timber Councils Association PDF 5244 KB
Natural Resources South East PDF 5676 KB
Nature.Net Pty Ltd PDF 1286 KB
New Forests PDF 134.9 MB
Newells Creek Sawmilling Co. 4223 KB
Newman OAM, Robert PDF 1208 KB
Norske Skog Industries Australia PDF 10459 KB
North East Forest Alliance PDF 5291 KB
Northside Trusses and Frames PDF 4240 KB
NSW Government - Department of Primary Industries PDF 61.6 MB
PF Olsen Australia PDF 22231 KB
Private Forestry Service Queensland PDF 193.5 MB
Private Forests Tasmania PDF 5453 KB
Queensland University of Technology PDF 12903 KB
Scherger, Daryl PDF 5361 KB
Somerset, Bronte and Parker, Richard PDF 151.9 MB
South Australian Government PDF 1211 MB
South East Fibre Exports PDF 3102 KB
Southern Cross University PDF 10561 KB
Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association PDF 13669 KB
Tasmanian Government PDF 5333 KB
Timber & Building Materials Association (Aust) Ltd PDF 1524 KB
Timber Communities Western Australia PDF 6355 KB
Timber Development Association (NSW) Ltd PDF101.0 MB
Timber Merchants Association PDF 6438 KB
Timber NSW PDF 181.1 MB
Timber Queensland PDF 3475 KB
Timber Training Creswick PDF 2271 KB
Timberlink Australia PDF 9422 KB
University of Tasmania - School of Architecture and Design PDF 12376 KB
VicForests PDF 8725 KB
Victorian Association of Forest Industries PDF 161.3 MB
Visy Pulp and Paper Pty Ltd PDF 6297 KB
Wattle Range Council South Australia PDF 8335 KB
Weathertex PDF 51.4 MB
Wellington Shire Council PDF 6500 KB
Wood Products Victoria PDF 171.0 MB
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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