Asia Forest Partnership

​​The Asia Forest Partnership was launched at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, in 2002. The Asia Forest Partnership is one of over 200 partnership organisations registered with the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development. The common aim of these partnerships is the implementation of sustainable development based on the Rio Declaration principles and the values expressed in the Millennium Declaration. Partnerships complement intergovernmental commitments.

The Asia Forest Partnership partners included governments – including the Australian Government - international organisations and non-government organisations.

The Asia Forest Partnership sought to promote sustainable forest management in Asia through addressing five urgent issues:

  • control of illegal logging
  • control of forest fires
  • rehabilitation and reforestation of degraded lands
  • good governance and forest law enforcement
  • developing capacity for effective forest management.

Asia Forest Partnership activities combined national, bilateral, multilateral and regional initiatives to address the five issues. The partnership played an important role acting as a catalyst for existing initiatives by increasing synergies and reducing duplication between programs. The Asia Forest Partnership provided an informal framework for the exchange of information and experiences. Beyond strengthening existing programs, the Asia Forest Partnership facilitated joint identification of new programs and research needed to achieve sustainable forest management through actions in support of the five identified urgent issues.

Over the ten year period from 2002 the Asia Forest Partnership brought partners together and facilitated multi-sectoral dialogue through the Asia Forest Partnership’s annual meetings and other events. Final report on the achievements of the Asia Forest Partnership.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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