A way forward for Tasmania's forests


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A way forward for Tasmania’s forests – the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement PDF 82.1 MB
Fact Sheet Index PDF 1137 KB
Fact Sheet No 1 - Overview of the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement​ PDF 3393 KB
Fact Sheet No 2 - Implications for jobs and industry growth PDF 1141 KB
Fact Sheet No 3 - Overview of the public land reserve outcome PDF 2268 KB
Fact Sheet No 4 - The Tarkine PDF 1146 KB
Fact Sheet No 5 - The Styx PDF 1164 KB
Fact Sheet No 6 - Enhancing biodiversity conservation PDF 1141 KB
Fact Sheet No 7 - Saving the Tasmanian devil PDF 1139 KB
Fact Sheet No 8 - Protecting forest on private land PDF 2262 KB
Fact Sheet No 9 - Mole Creek PDF 1140 KB
Fact Sheet No 10 - Permanent native forest estate: phasing out clearing and conversion of native forest PDF 1145 KB
Fact Sheet No 11 - Tourism PDF 1140 KB
Fact Sheet No 12 - River catchment water quality initiative PDF 1138 KB
Fact Sheet No 13 - Reducing reliance on clear-felling in old-growth forests PDF 1143 KB
Fact Sheet No 14 - Reducing the use of 1080 PDF 1140 KB
Fact Sheet No 15 - Ensuring resource supply of high-quality sawlogs and maintaining the future of Tasmania’s forest industry PDF 1141 KB
Fact Sheet No 16 - Communications program PDF 1139 KB
Fact Sheet No 17 - Forest industry development and revitalisation PDF 1142 KB
Fact Sheet No 18 - Assistance for country sawmills PDF 1139 KB
Fact Sheet No 19 - Skills and training in the Tasmanian forest industry PDF 1139 KB
Fact Sheet No 20 - Forest certification PDF 1140 KB
Fact Sheet No 21 - The Tasmanian softwood industry development program PDF 1140 KB
Fact Sheet No 22 - Tasmanian special species timbers and leatherwood honey resource PDF 1139 KB
Fact Sheet No 23 - Assistance for north-west hardwood and special species timber mills PDF 1137 KB
Fact Sheet No 24 - Implications of the package for private landholders PDF 1141 KB
Fact Sheet No 25 - New reserves on public land in Tasmania PDF 1722 KB

If you have difficulty accessing these files, please visit web accessibility.

 Further information is available on The Tasmanian Department of State Growth

 Alternatively, please contact the Australian Government Department of Agriculture at RFA.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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