Attachment F: Removing Export Controls on Plantation Sourced Wood

​It was agreed in the National Forest Policy Statement that:

"the Commonwealth will remove controls over the export of unprocessed public and private plantation wood subject to the application of codes of practice to protect environmental values, "Mr Beddall said. 

"At the November 1995 meeting of the Ministerial Council for Forests, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Mr Beddall and State Ministers agreed that plantation export controls will be removed from 1 January 1996, or as soon as possible after that date. This will be subject to satisfactory implementation of environmental codes of practice. It was agreed with States that codes of practice will be scientifically assessed by CSIRO. The commitment to remove export controls on plantation sourced wood has now been endorsed by Federal Cabinet. 

"As an interim measure until controls are removed, export licences for hardwood plantation sourced woodchips were issued for 1996: Sawmillers Exports (NSW) 40,000t; Bunnings (WA) 70,000t; Boral (Tas) 30,000t; and Forestry Tasmania (Tas) 10,000t," he said.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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