Onshore intervention for non-compliant BMSB treated containers

The department has identified treatments conducted by registered offshore treatment providers that did not meet the department’s BMSB treatment requirements.

To ensure the biosecurity risk presented by these consignments is adequately addressed, they will require re-treatment on arrival in Australia or export where the consignment is not suitable for re-treatment.

All affected treatment certificates are invalid and have been withdrawn from BMSB risk season lodgements system by the department.

Consignments that are affected must be directed for onshore re-treatment or export, and stakeholders for these goods will be advised through AIMS directions.

Importantly, the offshore treatment providers that treated these consignments have not been suspended or withdrawn from the Offshore BMSB Treatment Providers Scheme.

The department has addressed the non-compliances directly with the treatment providers and they are permitted to continue to conduct BMSB treatments.

A list of the containers affected by this action is included below. The list will be updated if any additional containers requiring re-treatment or export on arrival are identified.

Container Numbers

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22 January 2020


17 January 2020

FCIU5273158 CSNU7184722      

13 November 2019

APZU3523299 HLXU1138275 OOLU8387043 OOLU9538191 TEMU1258989
BSIU9411530 OOCU6799404 OOLU8573557 OOLU9554891 TGBU5727908
CAIU8470722 OOCU7004170 OOLU8573650 OOLU9853552 TRIU0355174
CAIU9263231 OOCU7197361 OOLU8581378 OOLU9970414 UACU4116228
CAIU9335985 OOCU7288780 OOLU8656986 SEGU4079050 UACU5803213
CMAU0277617 OOCU7697259 OOLU8685449 SEGU5817158 YMLU8508075
CRSU1285115 OOCU7877815 OOLU8792529 TCKU6011786 YMLU8538594
CSNU1330521 OOCU7941581 OOLU8826758 TCLU7079854 YMLU8568325
CSNU7089962 OOCU7942016 OOLU9192128 TCNU1919040 YMMU6107760
CSNU7332305 OOLU6816468 OOLU9340020 TCNU2258052 TCNU7377901
DFSU2390067 OOLU6924185 OOLU9354110 TCNU4750040  
FSCU8785460 OOLU8194208 OOLU9412011 TCNU6444559  
HLBU8108017 OOLU8281848 OOLU9507077  TCNU7377901  

30 October 2019

APZU3782026 CSNU6069658 HLBU9052150 TCNU1806341 OOLU0521557
BMOU4389130 CSNU6071845 HLXU1303322 TCNU2939903 OOLU1008765
BMOU4848856 CSNU6094650 HLXU3566884 TCNU5589054 OOLU1038836
BSIU9296837 CSNU6267041 HLXU5628563 TCNU7247322 OOLU1046003
CAIU7291722 CSNU6453107 HLXU5653360 TCNU9445712 OOLU1832002
CARU9629564 DFSU6149021 IPXU3373991 TEMU7844478 OOLU1958264
CAXU6801309 DFSU6150552 MAEU4139054 TEXU1040060 OOLU7758880
CBHU8616777 DFSU7422655 MAEU4174440 TGCU5050889 OOLU8671300
CBHU8653390 DFSU7457190 MAEU4210548 TGHU3425644 OOLU8735010
CBHU9104121 DFSU7568254 MAGU5787193 TLLU4406674 OOLU9591344
CBHU9144736 DRYU9369482 MEDU1887000 TLLU4643188 OOLU9877030
CBHU9150600 ECMU2500390 MEDU1914960 TRHU1577362 PONU0083485
CCLU5071415 EMCU2500023 MEDU3638389 TRHU2948555 RFCU4030837
CCLU7093286 FCIU9822298 MEDU7341927 TRHU3770513 RFCU5009990
CCLU7104380 FCIU9994825 MRKU5404267 TRIU0356437 SEGU2733011
CCLU7172889 FDCU0193790 MRKU9253678 UACU4408894 SEGU4998278
CCLU7295409 FDCU0453497 MRSU3517246 WBPU7010432 SEGU6436789
CCLU7491187 FDCU0589400 MSCU1573106 NYKU0810818 SUDU5963379
CMAU5105056 FSCU8316381 MSCU6139941 NYKU4837930 SUDU6934544
CMAU7688097 FSCU8514514 MSKU0344629 ONEU0325907  
CMAU7814092 FTAU1182424 MSKU1418264 OOCU7362830  
CRTU7009587 GATU8821531 MSKU3232129 OOCU7619683  
CRXU7212041 GESU6355743 TCKU2399014 OOCU7790422  
CSLU2359625 GLDU5513840 TCKU6492505 OOCU7900010  
CSLU6037308 GLDU9440249 TCLU7331009 OOLU0318935  
 CSNU1348156 HASU4352705 TCLU9564587 OOLU0499474  
Last reviewed: 22 January 2020
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