Procedures for non-AFAS failed methyl bromide fumigations and company reinstatement

​​​​​To protect Australia from pest incursions, the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment requires methyl bromide fumigations to be performed on a variety of imported goods and packaging material.

Where a potential or confirmed fumigation failure from a non- Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (AFAS)country is detected, the department follows the following procedure:

  1. The offending company is placed on the ‘under investigation’ or ‘suspended’ treatment providers listfor their country, as appropriate.
  2. The fumigation company is contacted and advised of the situation, and of the procedure required for having their ‘acceptable’ status reinstated.
  3. The relevant overseas quarantine agency is advised of the situation and of the procedure required for the ‘acceptable’ status of the company to be reinstated.

The decision as to whether to conduct an audit to assess the company’s potential for reinstatement will be left to the fumigation company and the overseas quarantine agency concerned. The department will provide any information required by the quarantine agency ( e.g. AFAS Methyl Bromide Fumigation Methodology and associated audit checklist) to assist in the conducting of a reinstatement audit.

When the overseas quarantine agency has completed the audit process and considers the company suitable for reinstatement, they should advise the department accordingly. The department will then consider the case for reinstating the company as an ‘acceptable’ treatment provider.

Where no correspondence is received from the overseas quarantine agency within 3  months, ‘under investigation’ company status will be altered to ‘unacceptable’.

Any inquiries can be made by email to failed fumigations.

Last reviewed: 23 July 2020
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