​Fully manufactured products (ready for retail sale) with less than 20% animal components:

Cosmetic that fall into this category may be imported without an import permit however importers need to check BICON​ to ensure they can satisfy other import requirements.

Partially manufactured, raw ingredients, or products with greater than 20% animal components:

The following information must accompany all applications to import cosmetics that fall into the above category:

  • complete list of ingredients including percentage of each ingredient to add up to 100 per cent (please include water)
  • species and country of origin for all animal derived ingredients
  • complete manufacturing information for each ingredient and for the final product.

Please note: The above information must be supplied in the form of a manufacturer's declaration. The declaration must be:

  • from the manufacturer
  • on manufacturer's letterhead (including company address and country)
  • signed by a senior company employee from the site of manufacture whose name, title and contact details also appear
  • dated and free from erasures and uncertified alterations (all alterations must be initialled by the senior company employee responsible for signing the declaration)
  • written in English.
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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