Culture media


Imported culture media presents a significant biosecurity risk to Australia. Many culture media products can be used to manufacture goods that may be administered to Australian animals e.g. vaccines or immunobiological products. If imported culture media is contaminated with disease agents it is possible that these disease agents will be carried through to the Australian animal.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources conducts a rigorous assessment of all import permit applications for culture media. Applications for multiple products (or product catalogues) can be lengthy and costly as each product will undergo individual assessment.

Note: Occasionally the department receives applications for catalogues of culture media products that are all manufactured using a limited number of biological ingredients.​ Under these circumstances, rather than assessing each product individually, the department will assess each of the biological ingredients.

Information requirements

The Culture Media Questionnaire must be completed by the culture media manufacturer and submitted with all applications for import permit. The Questionnaire requires manufacturers to provide information relating to the composition, manufacture and packaging of products.

Please note: Any additional supporting documentation may be attached to the import permit application form or provided separately to the Imports Service Team. All emails must refer to the application number in the subject line to facilitate the linkage of documentation to the relevant application.

All information made available to the department remains strictly commercial–in–confidence and is protected against unauthorised disclosure by the department to any other party under Australian federal law.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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