Importing microalgae for human therapeutics or human consumption

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is responsible for managing biosecurity risks in relation to microalgae imported into Australia for human therapeutics or human consumption.

Before you import microalgae products to Australia, make sure you have met all import conditions set by the department.

Requirements for goods imported for human therapeutic use or consumption

Biosecurity and consumer safety and protection relating to products for human consumption is administered under two sets of legislation, each with its own purpose and requirements:

  • Food imports must meet Australian food safety standards as set out in the Imported Food Control Act 1992.
  • All products imported for human consumption (food, drink, medicine and therapeutics) must meet import conditions imposed by the department under the Biosecurity Act 2015.

When importing goods for human consumption, you will need to be aware of your responsibilities under both sets of legislation and make sure you comply with the requirements.

Import conditions

Conditions for imported microalgae for human therapeutics or human consumption are available through the department’s Biosecurity Import Conditions system (BICON).

Graphic image of the BICON launch button

Applications for import permits must be lodged through BICON and be accompanied by a completed Microalgae questionnaire.

Microalgae questionnaire

The microalgae questionnaire must be completed by the manufacturer, and provides information on the product including:

  • composition
  • manufacturing process
  • packaging.

The information collected by the department will be used to determine import conditions for these goods.
The questionnaire must be:

  • completed by the manufacturer with all applications for microalgae for human therapeutics or human consumption
  • submitted with an application for a permit to import.



File size

Microalgae questionnaire PDF


735 KB

Microalgae questionnaire DOCX


218 KB

If you have difficulty accessing these files, visit web accessibility for assistance.

The questionnaire gives the option for manufacturers to attach additional documents containing tables or flow charts.

Additional documents provided must comply with these requirements:

  1. Specify the product name(s)
  2. Be from the manufacturer
  3. Presented on the manufacturer’s letterhead (including company address and country)
  4. Signed by a senior company employee from the site of manufacture whose name, title and contact details also appear
  5. Dated within the last six months, free from erasures and uncertified alterations (all alterations must be initialled by the senior company employee responsible for signing the declaration)
  6. Written in English.

Where the manufacturer does not wish to disclose full details to importers, the importer is still able to lodge an application.

Email completed documents to the Imports team, quoting the application number.

All information made available to the department remains strictly commercial-in-confidence and is protected against unauthorised disclosure to any other party under Australian Federal Law.


For further information, you can email Imports or phone 1800 900 090.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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