List of species of mushrooms and truffles permitted for import into Norfolk Island from Australia

This list specifies the species of fresh mushrooms and truffles that are permitted for import into Norfolk Island from Australia subject to being granted an import permit from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources under the Biosecurity Act 2015 and meeting all other biosecurity conditions specified on the import permit.

Scientific nameCommon name(s)
Agaricus spp. (excluding A. tessulatus and A. ulmarius)Agaricus mushroom
Auricularia spp.Jelly fungus, black fungus, Jew's ear fungus
Boletus edulisPorcini mushroom, cep mushroom
Cantharellus cibariusChantarella mushroom, gallinacci mushroom, girolles mushroom
Craterellus cornucopioidesCraterellus mushroom, tompette des morts mushrooms
Flammulina spp.Enoke mushroom, enoketake mushroom, velvet stem mushroom, winter mushrooms
Hydnum repandumPied de mouton mushroom, shepherd mushroom
Lactarius deliciosusSaffron milk cap mushroom
Lentinula edodesShitake mushroom
Lentinus edodesShitake mushroom
Lyophyllum spp.Shimeji mushroom
Marasmius oreadesMousseron mushroom; fairy ring mushroom
Morchella spp.Morchella mushroom
Pholiota namekoNameko mushroom
Pleurotus spp.Abalone mushroom, oyster mushroom
Tremella spp.Cloud ear mushroom, silver ear mushroom, white jelly fungus
Tricholoma bakamatsutakePrincess matsutake
Tricholoma caligatumEuropean matsutake
Tricholoma magnivelareWhite matsutake
Tricholoma matsutakeSinger matsutake
Tricholoma nauseosumSinger matsutake
Tricholoma terreumGrisets mushroom
Tuber aestivumBurgundy or English truffle
Tuber albidumSpring white truffle or bianchetto
Tuber borchiiSpring white truffle or bianchetto
Tuber magnatumItalian white truffle
Tuber melanosporumPerigold black truffle
Tuber uncinatumBurgundy or English truffle
Volvariella volvacea (formerly Agaricus volvacea)Straw mushroom
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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