Guide to food group definitions

​This guide provides food group definitions for the imported food inspection scheme that are based on the food testing classes defined by NATA. The food group definitions are to be used in conjunction with the Testing capability application form and Conditions for Appointment as an analyst – if you would like more information on food group definitions please visit the NATA website.

Food group definitions for the Imported Food Inspection Scheme (IFIS)

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Cereal products (including sesame seeds and grains)

Includes bread, flour products, flours or meals, wholegrain, wholemeal, bakery products, tapioca, pasta, malt extract, bakery products with fillings, grains, sesame seeds, sesame seed products.

Dairy products

Includes milk, skim milk, cream, fermented milk products, yoghurt, butter, ice cream, dried milks, evaporated milks and condensed milks and cheese which means the ripened or unripened solid or semi–solid milk product which may be coated and also includes processed cheese, curd.

Edible fats & oils (including animal, vegetable and nut)

Includes margarine (means the triglycerides of fatty acids of plant or animal origin e.g.: pig fat) also includes edible oil spreads, edible oil spread containing no less than 800 g/kg of edible oils.

Fish, crustaceans & molluscs and fish, crustaceans & molluscs products (including seafood tissue)

Includes any of the cold–blooded aquatic vertebrates, aquatic invertebrates including shellfish and marinara mix, but does include amphibians and reptiles.

Fruit and fruit products

Includes peeled and/or cut fruit and surface treated fruit, fresh or dried, preserved fruit, canned fruit jam means the product prepared by processing one or more of fruit, sugars, fruit juice, concentrated fruit juice, and water extracts of fruit.

Herbs and spices

Herbs, Spices and dried vegetables used as seasonings whether whole, crushed or ground, consist of leaves, flowers, stems, roots, aromatic seeds berries or other fruits of plants used to flavour foods

Meat & meat products (including animal tissue)

Includes cured and/or dried meat flesh in whole cuts or pieces, manufactured meat, meat flesh, meat pie, offal, processed meat, sausage, meat pastes, pate.

Nuts & nut products (including coconut)

Whether whole nuts, pieces, pastes, meals, in shell or not, whether raw, blanched or roasted, dried coconut, includes peanut, satay and other peanut sauces, peanut or pistachio biscuits, pastries, cakes, and any other peanut or pistachio products with greater than 30 per cent peanuts or pistachios. .

Oil seeds and by-products

Hemp seed, hemp seed powder and hemp oil.

Poultry & poultry products

Includes cured and/or dried poultry flesh in whole cuts or pieces, manufactured poultry, poultry meat, poultry meat pie, offal, processed poultry, sausage.

Spirits and wine

Fruit wine and/or vegetable wine or wine product, mead, perry, spirit, brandy and liqueur.

Sugar and sugar products(including honey)

Includes confectionary dextrose, fructose, sucrose, lactose, glucose syrups, brown sugar, molasses, icing sugar, invert sugar, fruit sugar syrup, white chocolate, confectionery containing coconut and high fat content.

Vegetable & vegetable products (including tofu)

Includes peeled and/or cut vegetables and surface treated vegetables, preserved vegetables, includes all vegetable sprouts.

Last reviewed: 29 September 2020
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