IFN 13-19 - Mini jelly cups containing konjac

Issued: 12 August 2019


The purpose of this notice is to remind importers that mini jelly cups containing konjac having a height or width of less than or equal to 45mm are banned for sale under Australian Consumer Law. Mini jelly cups are small confectionery products often sold in multi-packs.

A product ban is in place on mini jelly cups containing konjac because there is a risk they may cause serious injury or death from choking.

Mini jelly cups containing konjac are considered failing food under the Imported Food Control Act 1992 as they pose a risk to human health.

Further information about the product ban on mini jelly cups is available on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website.

What importers need to do

Importers of mini jelly cups must ensure the products they import do not include konjac as an ingredient.

Konjac is a binding food additive that comes from the root of the konnyaku plant.  When eaten, it does not dissolve easily.  Konjac is also known as ‘konjac flour’, ‘konjaku’, ‘konnyaku’ ‘conjac’, ‘konjonac’, ‘glucomannan’, ‘yam flour’, ‘yam powder’, ‘taro flour’ and ‘taro  powder’ and is obtained from the tuber of the Amorphophallus spp.

Importation of food which poses a risk to human health is an offence

Under section 8 of the Imported Food Control Act 1992, it is an offence to import food into Australia if the importer knows, or ought reasonably to have known, that it poses a risk to human health. The offence carries a penalty of imprisonment for 10 years.

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Last reviewed: 7 November 2019
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