IFN 16-19 - Salted clams from the Republic of Korea associated with hepatitis A cases

Issued: 23 September 2019


The purpose of this notice is to advise importers that the department has issued a holding order on imports of salted clams from the Republic of Korea.  

Actions taken under the Imported Food Inspection Scheme

The department has been working with NSW Health and the NSW Food Authority in their investigation of an outbreak of hepatitis A in Australia. The outbreak has been associated with salted clams imported from the Republic of Korea.
Information about the outbreak has been released by the NSW Food Authority.

In response, we are implementing measures to prevent further imports of potentially contaminated salted clams from the Republic of Korea until the department has confidence in the safety of these clams.

A holding order has been issued under subsection 15(3) of the Imported Food Control Act 1992 on thebasis there are reasonable grounds for believing that the food may pose a serious risk to human health.

What will happen to imports of salted clams that match the holding order

Imports of salted clams from the Republic of Korea matching the holding order will be referred for inspection. At inspection, the authorised officer will direct the goods to be held by the importer and will not be released.

Last reviewed: 7 November 2019
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