Alternate billing procedures for imports

​​An alternate billing facility is now available through the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment Agriculture Import Management System (AIMS).

This facility allows the responsibility for payment of the department fees to be changed from the broker to the importer. This will enable brokers who do not have ongoing involvement with the clearance of a consignment to nominate the responsible importer and provide other details to assist with invoicing.

Where a broker requests that further payments on an Import Declaration be directed to the importer, the following arrangements will apply:

Note: The Broker will always be required to pay fees upfront for entry processing and any initial directions that can be pre-determined.

  1. The decision to process a broker’s request to transfer billing arrangements from a broker to an importer can only be made by the relevant Assessment Services Group Supervisor, within each region. In the event that the Assessment Services Group Supervisor is not available, their immediate manager will be required to make the decision.
  2. The broker will be responsible for the payment of all directions applied to an entry until the date that they supply the department with the billing details of the importer (as per criteria 4), and request the department to divert future directions on the entry to the importer.
  3. The Assessment Services Group Supervisor will only consider transferring billing arrangements to the importer under the following criteria:
    • Where the consignment extends into Post Entry Animal or Plant Quarantine, or
    • Where the consignment extends into other lengthy biosecurity arrangements (such as large numbers of containers requiring inspection on one entry). This can be at the discretion of the Assessment Services Group Supervisor. Entries pertaining to imported foods consignments will not be considered at this stage.
  4. The broker will need to provide the following information to the department for the Entry Management Supervisor to be in a position to consider the process of transferring the billing arrangements to the importer:

    Written confirmation to be completed by the importer (see Alternate Billing Procedures Form) of the following:

    1. The name and address of the importer and owner code (if it exists)
    2. The telephone, fax and e-mail address (where applicable) of the importer
    3. A signed declaration from the importer confirming their willingness to accept any ongoing charges that may arise when an entry goes into an extended period of quarantine.


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If you have difficulty accessing these files, visit web accessibility for assistance.

For further information please contact the Entry Management supervisor in your region​al area.

Last reviewed: 7 September 2020
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