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​​Report SummaryFoot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is one of the most contagious of animal diseases. Animals may be infected by inhalation or ingestion. Ruminants are especially sensitive to infection via the…
04 November 2019 - Last modified
​Policy StatementGiven the developments in vaccine technology, changing international attitudes and the recent experiences of countries experiencing foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreaks around the world…
04 November 2019 - Last modified
​​​ The APLC uses aerial spraying of pesticides and bio-pesticides to control locust infestations deemed to be a significant threat to agricultural production.  The APLC is aware of both its legislative…
04 November 2019 - Last modified
​​[expand all]​ForewordThe Australian plague locust has the potential to damage and severely impact a number of rural industries. The Australian Plague Locust Commission (APLC) is required to monitor and…
04 November 2019 - Last modified
​ABARES has released a report produced for the APLC detailing the economic benefits and costs of locust control carried out during the Australian plague locust infestation in spring 2010. The reports…
04 November 2019 - Last modified
​​​​​​The following publications are produced by the Animal Health Policy Branch in Animal Division. These bulletins are provided as published in the Australian Veterinary Journal and are not kept updated. For more current information please see the World Organisation for Animal Health technical…
12 August 2021 - Last modified
​​​​​The Australian Plague Locust Commission (APLC) produces a monthly Locust Bulletin during the seasons of locust activity (spring, summer and autumn). The Bulletin gives regional summaries of the locust situation and weather events of potential significance for locust development. It also…
02 September 2021 - Last modified
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