Inspector-General of Murray–Darling Basin Water Resources

The government has appointed Mick Keelty AO as Interim Inspector-General from 1 October 2019.

The Interim Inspector-General will be a non-statutory role for a period of 12 months, or until a statutory appointment is made.

The Northern Basin Commissioner role was subsumed by the Interim Inspector-General role from 1 October 2019.


Restore confidence for all stakeholders in the integrity of the Murray–Darling Basin Plan.


Maintain the integrity of the delivery of the Murray–Darling Basin Plan.


The functions of the interim Inspector-General are set out in the agreed terms of reference provided below. 

The Interim Inspector-General will provide independent oversight and assessment of the performance and effectiveness of Australian Government and state and territory based agencies who have responsibilities for Basin Plan water reform, including: 

  • Basin Plan 2012 (the Basin Plan) implementation
  • compliance with obligations under the Water Act 2007 (Cth), Basin Plan and water resource plans
  • timeliness of completion and submission of water resource plans for accreditation by the Minister
  • progress on commitments made in associated Agreements to achieving water reform in the Murray-Darling Basin
  • delivery of supply and constraint infrastructure projects
  • progress on water recovery, including efficiency measures.

The Interim Inspector-General will also:

  • seek to restore confidence for all stakeholders in the integrity of the Murray–Darling Basin Plan
  • establish processes for the receipt and assessment of allegations of non-compliance with the Water Act 2007, the Basin Plan and water resource plans
  • refer instances of alleged non-compliance to appropriate authorities, noting that  Basin states and territory governments have primary responsibility for implementing and enforcing compliance in their areas
  • engage with the community about Basin Plan implementation and associated water reforms.


The Interim Inspector-General will be supported by the Office of Inspector-General, including support staff located in the Basin.


The Interim Inspector-General will report directly to the:

  • Minister for Water Resources, Drought, Rural Finance, Natural Disaster and Emergency Management on a needs basis
  • Murray–Darling Basin Ministerial Council every 6 months.

Contact the Office of the Inspector-General


Phone: 1800 317 291

More information

Learn more about the Murray–Darling Basin Plan.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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