Securing water and water quality for GSC and LPSC communities

Liverpool Plains Shire Council

Funding: $391,000

About the project

Liverpool Plains Shire Council is the lead recipient for a consortium of council's covering the regions of Liverpool Plains and Gunnedah.

The project undertook a review of the issues affecting water security and management in the Gunnedah and Liverpool Plains communities now and in the future. The review included studies into water availability and options to better manage water resources. It also examined the socio-economic importance of water use and undertake a review of existing water supply and management infrastructure, as well as future water needs.

Project benefits

Using the findings of the review and studies, the councils aimed to:

  • develop risk assessments and adaptation plans
  • revise existing water plans
  • prioritise adaptation options for securing the future water supply of the region.

This effort will ensure the continued, long-term prosperity of the region.

Project completion

This project finished in April 2012 and provided the Council with a review of the current state of water security in the Gunnedah and Liverpool Plains shires. The project identified potential impacts of climate change, population growth, policy changes on water availability and the risk and impacts associated with reduced water availability. Mitigation options were identified and assessed to address the risks determined as a consequence of this review.

Contact the Liverpool Plains Shire Council directly on 02 6746 1755 for details.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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