Approved projects under the Water Efficiency Program

All water savings projects approved for Commonwealth funding under the Water Efficiency Program have been  assessed by the relevant Basin state as having neutral or positive socio-economic impacts.

As part of the socio-economic assessment, public comments were invited through Have Your Say and Engage Victoria.

Program summary

Program summary (as at 01 June 2020)

Total number of approved projects: 2

Total funding for projects: $198,367 (excl. GST)

Total volume of water contracted to be recovered: 17.3 megalitres

Note: These projects are all managed by Delivery Partners. Program participants retain additional water savings from projects beyond those contracted to be transferred to the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder.

For a comprehensive list of approved projects, see the project list.

Murray–Darling Basin map

Approved projects

Project details are as provided by the applicant. Documents may not meet web accessibility requirements. Contact us for help.

Lower Murray – South Australia

On-farm project (ID number 593879):

On-farm project (ID number 377618):


Last reviewed: 4 June 2020
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