Potential efficiency measures projects

Register of prospective water savings projects for the Water Efficiency Program.

Proposals listed in this register have:

  • satisfied all registration eligibility and socio-economic criteria
  • been open for public comment for 10 days.

This means they are now eligible to be included in the register and may be invited to submit a detailed application for funding under the Water Efficiency Program.

Find out more about how to register a project proposal.

Register of potential efficiency measures projects

Proposal details are as provided by the applicant. Documents may not meet web accessibility requirements. Contact us for help.

Project stream and identification number  Water plan area State or territory Download project details
On-farm project
Condamine-Balonne Queensland Water Efficiency Program proposal WEP0001 (PDF, 594KB)

*The proposal has been assigned a different registration number as a new registration system has been introduced.

A proposal will remain on the register until when and if it becomes an approved project or is removed from the program. Details of approved projects will be published on our website.

Last reviewed: 10 June 2020
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