Private Irrigation Infrastructure Program for South Australia

The Private Irrigation Infrastructure Program for South Australia (PIIP-SA) funds irrigation infrastructure efficiency improvements for Murray-Darling Basin operators in South Australia, with a share of the water savings achieved from those projects to be used for environmental water purposes.

The Program is part of the Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program.

Funding has been agreed for projects that could demonstrate a high merit in improving the efficiency and productivity of irrigation water use and management in the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin.

In exchange for funding, successful applicants will transfer water entitlements to the Commonwealth for environmental water purposes.

Eligible program applicants were required to draw on the water resources within the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin and be a legal entity under one of the following categories:

  • Irrigation Infrastructure Operators (trusts)
  • Delivery Partners (single co-ordinator of projects involving irrigators)
  • Individual Irrigators directly, where they hold permanent water entitlements of 500 ML or more.

An off-farm efficiency improvement was also required for a project to be eligible.

Projects that demonstrated benefits from integrated investment in both on and off-farm infrastructure were also considered.

Grant recipients

13 grants have been approved under the PIIP-SA.

Round 2 grant recipients

  • Overland Corner Estate Pty Ltd—up to $1,195,000 (GST excl.)
  • Agriproperty Pty Ltd - Solora Farms—up to $125,641 (GST excl.)
  • Agriproperty Pty Ltd - Kangara Farms—up to $1,281,376 (GST excl.)
  • Jubilee Almonds Irrigation Trust Inc—up to $433,380 (GST excl.)
  • Overland Vineyards Pty Ltd—up to $796,799 (GST excl.)
  • South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board (Delivery Partner for 16 projects)—up to $7,212,044 (GST excl.)

Previously listed grant recipients

  • Barossa Infrastructure Ltd—up to $704,000 (GST excl.)
  • Central Irrigation Trust—Berri Irrigation Trust—up to $1,000,000 (GST excl.)
  • Haslett Holdings Pty Ltd—up to $219,277 (GST excl.)
  • Pyap Irrigation Trust—up to $84,000 (GST excl.)
  • Smith Family Trust—up to $382,028 (GST excl.)
  • Sunlands Irrigation Trust—up to $664,000 (GST excl.)
  • Woodland Irrigation Trust—up to $347,725 (GST excl.)

Outcomes of PIIP-SA grants

The total value of all PIIP-SA grants is approximately $14.4 million (excluding GST).

The overall volume of water savings generated by these projects is over 3.9 GL.

The government's share of the water savings from each individual project's total water savings varies from 50% to 100%.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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