Victorian water programmes in the Murray-Darling Basin

​​​Current programmes and projects

Victorian Farm Modernisation project

The Commonwealth is providing up to $100 million for the Victorian Farm Modernisation project to support on-farm irrigation infrastructure upgrades on approximately 450 farms in the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District. At least 55% of the water savings generated by the project will be transferred to the Commonwealth for environmental use while the remaining 45% will be retained by irrigators. The project will be aligned with the Goulburn-Murray Water Connections project, which is supporting a major modernisation of the irrigation system within the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District. See Victorian Farm Modernisation project—Victoria for details.

Goulburn Murray Water Connections project Stage 2

The $953 million GMW Connections project Stage 2 (formerly NVIRP2) is the largest Australia Government investment in irrigation infrastructure. The project involves the modernisation of channels, replacement or removal of meter outlets, and creation of new direct connections for customers currently connected to distribution and spur channels.

Water savings of 204 GL on average over the long-term every year will be generated by the project for the environment, of which 102 GL will be transferred to the Commonwealth under this project and the remaining 102 GL will be purchased by the Commonwealth under the Water Purchase Agreement (2011) between the State of Victoria and the Commonwealth.

See Goulburn-Murray Water Connections Project Stage 2 Mid-Term Review report for details.

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Completed programmes and projects​

Sunraysia Modernisation project

The $103 million Sunraysia Modernisation project delivered an integrated body of works to modernise irrigation infrastructure across the Mildura, Red Cliffs and Merbein irrigation districts in the Sunraysia region of northern Victoria. The project returned 7 GL of high reliability water savings to the environment on average over the long-term every year and assisted irrigators in the Sunraysia region to achieve water efficiency gains, minimise costs and grow higher value crops all year round. The Victorian Government submitted a final report on the project which can be found below. For further information see Sunraysia Modernisation project—Victoria.


Documents Pages File size
Sunraysia Modernisation Project Final Report PDFPDF Icon 16 2.6 MB

The report has not been prepared by the department and may not meet Australian Government accessibility guidelines. If you require an accessible version of the report, please contact the author.

Wimmera Mallee pipeline project

The Wimmera Mallee pipeline project involved replacing 17,500 km of open water channels with 8,800 km of pipeline. The project was co-funded across a number of Commonwealth water programmes and the Victorian Government, including $99 million from the Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program. Construction of the pipeline is complete.

Water Management Partnership Agreement for Victoria

In 2010 a Water Management Partnership Agreement was completed between the Commonwealth and Victoria.

Last reviewed: 28 July 2020
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