National water basins, regions and development

​​​​​​The Australian Government contributes to water management across the country by working with state and territory governments to achieve effective resource management planning and policy and by contributing funding to projects to identify, plan and complete water infrastructure projects that increase access to water to support economic development.

National water infrastructure

The National Water Infrastructure Development Fund, administered by the National Water Grid Authority, is a $3.5 billion, rolling 10 year water infrastructure investment program. The program will deliver increased water security, greater resilience in Australia’s regions, and create more jobs and continued growth in Australia’s agricultural sector.                 

Great Artesian Basin

The Great Artesian Basin (GAB) is one of the world’s largest underground water reservoirs. Uncontrolled flow from bores and open earth bore drains in the GAB threatens the health of important groundwater-dependent ecosystems and continued access to artesian water by farmers and land managers. It has also become difficult for new water users in or near the GAB to obtain access to groundwater resources.

Lake Eyre Basin

Lake Eyre Basin is one of the world's largest internally draining systems and the fifth largest terminal lake in the world. The Australian Government works with Lake Eyre Basin states and communities to ensure sustainable management of the water and natural resources associated with the cross-border river systems in the Lake Eyre Basin.

Northern Australia

The Australian Government is committed to the development of water resources in Northern Australia​​. Actions to progress development include the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund and Northern Australia Assessments undertaken by the CSIRO.

Australian Government funds have been committed to gathering required information to inform the development and protection of northern Australia’s water resources and to provide financial support for projects that deliver economic development benefits to the region.


The Australian Government is providing financial support for the development of modern and efficient irrigation in Tasmania​. This commitment will assist Tasmania to ensure that the water resources within its irrigation sector are used in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Last reviewed: 2 March 2021
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