Northern Australia

​​​On 18 June 2015, the Australian Government released Our North, Our Future, the first ever White Paper on Developing Northern Australia. The White Paper is a vision—and a plan—to unlock the great potential and opportunities of the north. A strong north means a strong nation.

Northern Australia Water Resource Assessments

CSIRO will undertake water resource assessments to determine available water and best locations for water infrastructure in:

  • Mitchell River catchment (Queensland)
  • West Kimberley (Western Australia)
  • Darwin region (Northern Territory).

The Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment project is part of the Australian Government's White Paper on Developing Northern Australia, the government's plan for stronger farmers and a stronger economy, under the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund.

See CSIRO’s Northern Australia Water Resources Assessment for details.

Northern Australia—water resources information

Key studies examining the water resources of northern Australia include 2 assessment projects.

Flinders and Gilbert Agricultural Resource Assessment

CSIRO undertook an investigation into the opportunities for sustainable water and agricultural development in the Flinders and Gilbert catchments of north Queensland.

See CSIRO’s Flinders and Gilbert Agricultural Resources Assessment for details.

Northern Australia Water Futures Assessment

The Australian Government established the Northern Australia Water Futures Assessment to provide information needed to inform the development and protection of northern Australia's water resources, so that development is ecologically, culturally and economically sustainable.

Office of Northern Australia

The Office of Northern Australia coordinates the implementation of the White Paper on Developing Northern Australia, which sets out key policies and initiatives to drive growth in the north through:

  • the better use of land and water resources
  • a welcoming investment environment
  • improved governance and reduced regulatory burden
  • investment in infrastructure to lower costs for businesses and households
  • a skilled workforce that meets the growing needs of the north
  • enhanced air, land and sea transport links to, from and within the north.
Last reviewed: 14 October 2020
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