Northern Australia Water Futures Assessment—drainage divisions and river basins

The Northern Australia Water Futures Assessment brought together existing information and commissioned work where a clear need for additional information was identified for key basins in northern Australia.

​Timor Sea drainage division river basins

See description above.

Timor Sea drainage divisions map PDF Icon PDF [998 KB]

  • Cape Leveque Coast
  • Fitzroy River (WA)
  • Lennard River
  • Isdell River
  • Prince Regent River
  • King Edward River
  • Drysdale River
  • Pentecost River
  • Ord River
  • Keep River
  • Victoria River
  • Fitzmaurice River
  • Moyle River
  • Daly River
  • Finniss River
  • Bathurst & Melville Islands
  • Adelaide River
  • Mary River
  • Wildman River
  • South Alligator River
  • East Alligator River
  • Goomandeer River
  • Liverpool River
  • Blyth River
  • Goyder River
  • Buckingham River

Gulf of Carpentaria drainage division river basins

See description above.

Gulf of Carpentaria drainage divisions map PDF Icon PDF [1.2 MB]

  • Koolatong River
  • Walker River
  • Roper River
  • Towns River
  • Limmen Bight River
  • Rosie River
  • McArthur River
  • Robinson River
  • Calvert River
  • Settlement Creek
  • Mornington Island
  • Nicholson River
  • Leichhardt River
  • Morning Inlet
  • Flinders River
  • Norman River
  • Gilbert River
  • Staaten River
  • Mitchell River
  • Coleman River
  • Holroyd River
  • Archer River
  • Watson River
  • Embley River
  • Wenlock River
  • Ducie River
  • Jardine River
  • Torres Straight Islands
  • Groote Eylandt

North East Coast drainage division (north of Cairns) river basins

See description above.

North East Coast drainage divisions map PDF Icon PDF [428 KB]

  • Jacky Jacky Creek
  • Olive-Pascoe Rivers
  • Lockhart River
  • Stewart River
  • Normanby River
  • Jeannie River
  • Endeavour River
  • Daintree River
  • Mossman River
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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