Northern Australia Water Futures Assessment—Knowledge Base Program

​The objective of the Northern Australia Water Futures Assessment was to provide an enduring knowledge base to inform development of northern Australia’s water resources, so that development proceeds in an ecologically, culturally and economically sustainable manner.


Requirements analysis and design for the NAWFA knowledge base

A report prepared by NGIS Australia Pty Ltd included recommendations as to the design, including possible structure, content and architecture of the knowledge base. These recommendations were based on consultations with potential users of the knowledge base.

Analysis of existing knowledge/information management systems

This project assessed whether any existing systems have, or can be developed to have, functionality or infrastructure capable of supporting the knowledge base requirements. This analysis found no single system met all the requirements identified by NGIS and identified a preferred solution.

Development of detailed user requirements

Based on the findings of the analysis of existing knowledge/information management systems project, a business analyst was engaged to undertake a validation of the user requirements and develop detailed specifications that would inform the development of the knowledge base.

Implementation and system design

This project assessed the implementation options and to confirm the system design and technical specifications of the knowledge base. This project also informed the development of a more detailed project implementation schedule.

Finalisation of the Knowledge Base

Based on the above projects, a consultant was engaged to assist with installation of software and customisation, provide assistance with development of reference guides to inform ongoing systems administration.
The key findings of these subprojects provided significant information concerning user requirements and needs, appropriate options for information storage and management and the content and architecture of such a knowledge base.
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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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