National Framework for Non-urban Water Metering

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Department of the Environment, 2010

The National Framework for Non-Urban Water Metering provides a nationally consistent basis for water metering. The National Framework aims to deliver the primary objective agreed by Australian, state and territory governments to provide an acceptable level of confidence that measurement performance in the field is within maximum permissible limits of error of ±5%.

The National Framework outlines:

  • implementation of national standards for meter construction, installation and maintenance
  • use of certified installers, maintainers and validators
  • requirements for compliance, auditing and reporting.

The National Framework also specifies that:

  • all non-urban meters shall comply with the national metering standards by 1 July 2020, unless otherwise exempted by the relevant jurisdictional government department or agency
  • any meter installed after 30 June 2010 must comply with the national metering standards
  • any meter installed prior to 1 July 2010 shall be replaced with a compliant meter by 1 July 2020. Replacement shall be undertaken at the earliest opportunity, such as when major maintenance is required on the non-compliant meter.


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The Metering Expert Group, comprising representatives from industry and Australian state and territory governments developed the National Framework.

The National Framework applies to meters (including measuring systems, devices and their component parts) owned by entitlement holders, water service providers and jurisdictional governments and used for trade and/or related resource management activities in a non-urban setting.

The introduction of nationally consistent non-urban water meter standards will enable water used in riverine and groundwater systems around Australia to be measured more accurately.

More accurate measurement will assist water managers and users identify areas where efficiency can be improved, and minimise water lost through delivery systems.

The National Framework came into effect on 1 July 2010.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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