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We welcome you to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s Engaging with Australia webpage.

On this page you will find links and resources to help you learn more about exporting to Australia and the importance of biosecurity.

Understanding our biosecurity requirements will help you improve your market access.

On this page you will find links to

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Top stories

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Official visits to the region

Now the borders are open again, our staff are travelling to the Pacific to meet with others working in all levels of biosecurity. Earlier this year our Australia’s Chief Plant Protection Officer’s visited Fiji.

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Piloting biosecurity training

Our team of experts recently ran a pilot training program in Fiji to help those working along the export pathway identify biosecurity risks.

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Olivier’s chocolate journey

A holiday trip to Vanuatu in 2006 launched Olivier Fernandez on a journey to opening a world-class chocolaterie.

Exporting to Australia

Exporting to Australia can be a daunting process. Use our guide to find out what you need to consider if you’re thinking about sending your goods to the Australian market.

Find out more about exporting to Australia

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Our biosecurity system

Destructive pests and disease are spreading rapidly across the globe. To protect not only Australia but the countries we trade with, we have built a strong biosecurity system.

Find out more about our biosecurity system

Working together

We’re partnering with our Pacific neighbours to strengthen trade, improve livelihoods, safeguard the environment and protect regional food security. We want to help build a stronger more prosperous region.

See the steps we’re taking to work together

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Priority pests and diseases

Image of coconut rhinoceros beetle

Coconut rhinoceros beetle

The coconut rhinoceros beetle is native to Southeast Asia. It has since spread to some countries in the Pacific region. This distinctive looking beetle damages some of our most valued plants.

Find out what you can do to protect your crops and goods

Image of banana skipper butterfly

Banana skipper butterfly

The banana skipper butterfly lays its eggs on banana leaves. The eggs soon hatch into caterpillars that shred the leaf and can strip the plants.

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Giant African Snail

This oversized snail can cause serious harm to more than 500 different varieties of plants.

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If you have any questions about importing and trading with Australia, please contact us at pacificengagement@agriculture.gov.au