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Authorised Officers

For all Authorised Officer queries from application to on-the-job questions.

Hotline: 1800 851 305

Email: Plant export training


All bookings should be made with the relevant region.


For queries regarding certification or EXDOC.

Email: EXDOC plant programs

Grain, seed and plant product

For queries regarding the export inspection and certification of grains, seeds, timber, hay, straw, stock feed, cotton, dried and processed herbs & spices and wood packaging.

Ph: 02 6272 3229

Email: Grain exports

Horticulture and nursery stock

For queries regarding the export inspection and certification of fruits & vegetables (fresh or dried), nursery stock (plants, cuttings or tissue culture), bulbs, tubers or cut flowers and foliage (fresh and dried).

Email: Horticulture exports

MICoR Plants

For importing country requirements queries relating to MICoR Plants.

Email: MICoR plants

National Documentation Hub

To submit documents to the national documentation hub and for any queries regarding the national documentation hub.

Ph: 1800 851 306

Email: Plant exports NDH

Plant Exports Management System (PEMS)

For all PEMS queries.

Email: PEMS

Regional Plant Export offices

For all bookings and regional plant export inquiries.

Far North Queensland

Phone: +61 7 4030 7822
Email: CDO

South Queensland

Plant Export Appointments Office
Phone: +61 7 3246 8773
Email: Plant Export Bookings

Plant Export Certification Office
Phone: +61 7 3246 8719
Email: Plant Export Certification

Plant Export - General Queries and Registrations
Phone: +61 7 3246 8677
Email: Plant Export Certification

New South Wales

Phone: +61 2 8334 7613
Email: New South Wales - Plant Export


Plant Export - Appointments, General Queries & Registrations
Phone: +61 3 8308 5101
Email: Horticulture/Grains Victoria

National Documentation Hub
Phone: 1800 851 306
Email: National Documentation Hub


Phone: +61 36233 3036
Email: Tasmania Export Documentation

South Australia

Phone: +61 8 8201 6037
Email: South Australia Export Documentation

Northern Territory

Phone: +61 8 8920 7021
Email: Northern Territory Export Documentation

Western Australia

Phone: +61 8 9334 1580
Email: Western Australia Export Bookings

General inquiries

For all other inquiries.

Send an email.
Postal Address: GPO Box 858, Canberra ACT 2601
Phone: +61 2 6272 3933
Freecall: 1800 020 504 (from within Australia - calls from mobile and public phones may incur additional charges)