Biosecurity in Australia

​​​​​​​​​Australia's biosecurity system protects our unique environment and agricultural sector and supports our reputation as a safe and reliable trading nation. This has significant economic, environmental and community benefits for all Australians.

Every year the Department of Agriculture helps millions of people, goods, vessels and aircraft move in and out of Australia without harming our environment, human, animal and plant health.

It's a big job. Our system relies on governments, industry, businesses and the community working together to be successful. The department works in partnership with importers before they bring animals, plant and their products to Australia, and also with Australian businesses to ensure that our exports meet international standards.

The department also works closely with other Australian governments and primary industries to manage pest and disease outbreaks when they occur to minimise the impacts on the economy, environment or our international trade.

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On-farm biosecurity

Information about on-farm biosecurity, including how to protect your animals and plants from pests and diseases, and awareness materials, is available on our website at Biosecurity - Protect your animals and plants from pests and disease.