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Public Awareness and Education

​​Australia's biosecurity system protects our unique environment and agricultural sector and supports our reputation as a safe and reliable trading nation. This has significant economic, environmental and community benefits for all Australians.

Every year the Department of Agriculture helps millions of people, goods, vessels and aircraft move in and out of Australia without harming our environment, human, animal and plant health.

It's a big job. Our system relies on governments, industry, businesses and the community working together to be successful.

If you're coming to Australia to holiday, study or live permanently, or if you're an Australia resident planning an overseas trip, it's a good idea to learn what can't be mailed to Australia and what you should do when you are arriving in Australia.

Cultural and seasonal events

Cultural and seasonal events often spur people to bring or mail traditional celebratory items to Australia. Unfortunately, many of these items are seized because they could introduce exotic pests or diseases that could threaten the Australian environment, native plants and animals, agricultural industries and way of life.

When selecting gifts to celebrate cultural and seasonal events, please choose carefully, bearing in mind Australia's biosecurity regulations. Tell family and friends not to carry or send any of the food, plant or animal products listed in What can't be mailed to Australia?

If you have items you don't wish to declare, you can dispose of them in quarantine bins in the airport terminal. Some products may require treatment (at a cost) such as fumigation or gamma irradiation to make them safe.  Items that cannot be treated will be seized. 

In-flight video

Under Australian law, all airlines flying into Australia must deliver an approved in-flight message prior to landing. This message makes passengers aware of Australian biosecurity regulations and helps make their entry into the country as pleasant as their flight.


Each year, the department recognises and rewards individuals and organisations who have made an outstanding contribution to maintaining Australia's biosecurity integrity.

Last reviewed:
25 Feb 2015