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Environmental biosecurity

​​​​​​​​​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has primary responsibility for managing Australia’s biosecurity , including managing biosecurity risk to Australia’s environment. Protecting Australia’s environment from pests and diseases that are likely to cause harm is important so that all Australian’s can enjoy our environment and unique biodiversity now and into the future. Managing biosecurity risk to the environment is not done in isolation, it is a key part of the biosecurity system which is managed along with animal, plant and human health. To ensure that the management of Australia’s environmental biosecurity risk is effective and appropriate, the department:

  • works collaboratively with the Department of the Environment and Energy to develop and implement policies and programs that protect and conserve the environment
  • conducts risk analyses, including import risk analyses, so that goods and people arriving in Australia do not pose an unacceptable biosecurity risk
  • provides inspection and certification services to facilitate the safe movement of people, goods and conveyances into and out of Australia and;
  • partners with state and territory governments, industry and communities to manage pest and disease outbreaks that threaten Australia’s environment

Biosecurity risk does not discriminate and, if not managed properly, it can have devastating impacts for Australia. Managing risk to Australia’s environment is a crucial part of maintaining a modern and robust biosecurity system.

Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer

The Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer is similar to the Chief Veterinary Officer and Chief Plant Protection Officer. They will provide national policy leadership on the environmental impact of foreign pests and diseases. Read more about this role and our environmental biosecurity priorities.​

Environmental Biosecurity Roundtables

The Environmental Biosecurity Roundtable meetings provide an opportunity for stakeholders to come together to discuss environmental biosecurity matters and share ideas. Their purpose is to improve engagement and collaboration on key environmental biosecurity issues between the environmental and government sectors. Two environmental roundtable meetings were held in 2017, with one in Canberra and one in Sydney. Please contact the biosecurity roundtable secretariat if you would like more information or would like an invitation.

2018 Environmental Biosecurity Roundtables

3 MayEnvironmental Biosecurity Roundtable 1 – Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Songlines Conference Centre, Canberra
9 October ​Environmental Biosecurity Roundtable 2 – The Edge, SLQ, Brisbane, Queensland

Reports on previous environmental roundtables