Cooked duck meat from Thailand

​​​We have completed the draft report for the importation of cooked duck meat from Thailand.

Steps to complete this review

When we do a review, we:

  • review the science on pests and diseases of concern
  • assess and analyse biosecurity risks
  • develop proposed risk management measures
  • consult the public on the draft report and then review comments
  • publish a final report
  • develop import conditions
  • publish import conditions in our Biosecurity Import Conditions System (BICON)

Make a submission

We have now released a draft report for public comment.
You are invited to:

This consultation has been extended 15 calendar days from the original close date of 15 September 2019. Submissions now close on  30 September 2019.

We will review your comments when we prepare the final report.

About the draft report

We propose that the importation of cooked duck meat be allowed from Thailand. All imports must meet the agreed biosecurity import conditions.
The draft report details:

  • diseases of biosecurity concern for this commodity
  • risk assessments for the identified diseases of biosecurity concern
  • conditions under which imports may be allowed.

Download the draft report

Department of Agriculture, July 2019

DocumentPagesFile size
Importation of cooked duck meat from Thailand: draft review PDF722.57 MB
Importation of cooked duck meat from Thailand: draft review DOCX721.40 MB

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Next steps

Our public consultation will close on 30 September 2019.

After this we will:

  • consider all feedback
  • develop a final report.

We will then release the final report and publish any new import conditions on BICON. Register in BICON to receive an alert when we publish the import conditions.

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Contact us

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