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Plant risk analyses

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​O​ur department develops policies that allow the safe importation of plant and plant products.

Risk analysis considers the level of biosecurity risk that may be associated with the importation of a good, and identifies appropriate ways to manage the risk.

Risk analyses conducted by our department establish a balance between Australia’s international obligations and the various biosecurity risks that goods may pose to our country.

More information about the risk analysis process can be found on the conducting a biosecurity risk analysis page and in the Biosecurity Import Risk Analysis guidelines.

Risk analysis efficiency trials

As part of strengthening biosecurity surveillance and analysis under the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, new initiatives are being trialled to increase the efficiency of the risk analysis process. Initiatives include assessing several market access requests together and assessing groups of pests together. We are also improving communication about risk analyses and engagement with stakeholders.

Find out more about risk analysis efficiency trials​.​

Further information

We release Biosecurity Advice notices to inform stakeholders about our biosecurity work including import risk analyses. Biosecurity Advice notices are sent to registered stakeholders and are ​availabl​​e on our website.  To become a registered stakeholder, compl​ete the information on the registered stakeholders web page.

A list of current plant risk analyses and finalised plant risk assessments are available below.

Current plant risk analyses (chronological)

Finalised plant risk analyses