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Submissions received to the draft report

​​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources would like to thank all those who provided a submission to the Non-regulated analysis of existing policy for fresh strawberry fruit from the Republic of Korea draft report.

The draft report was released for a 60 day consultation period from 25 August 2016 until 25 October 2016.

Seven submissions were received in response to the discussion paper.

All submissions have been published unless marked ‘in confidence’ or where authors have not authorised publication of their submission on the department’s webpage.

DocumentPagesFile size
Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia PDF 22780 KB
Ms Patricia Lane PDF 1244 KB
Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries PDF 2100 KB
Raspberries and Blackberries Australia PDF 276 KB
Strawberries Australia PDF 2344 KB

Published submissions may not meet Australian Government accessibility requirements as they have not been prepared by the department.

Next steps

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has prepared the final report which can be viewed on the department’s website.