Next Export Documentation System (NEXDOC)

​​​​​​Our Next Export Documentation System (NEXDOC) is a web-based system. It allows clients to request export documentation for primary produce via the web or a software program.

NEXDOC will eventually replace EXDOC.

Documents you can request

Export documentation supported within NEXDOC includes:

  • export permits as required by the Export Control Act
  • export certificates as required by importing country authorities
  • imported product
  • re-export certification
  • on-forwarding letters
  • letters of facilitation
  • extra certificates that support the export (such as transit certificates)

Commodities available

We are transitioning commodities to NEXDOC in stages.

We expect all commodities will be available by mid-2020. When this transition is complete, NEXDOC will support:

  • all export commodities currently available in EXDOC
  • some new commodities (honey and other goods)

Access the new system

When your commodity is available, you will be able to access the system:

  • directly through our website
  • via third party software

Find out how to access NEXDOC.

Stay informed

Benefits and changes

The upgraded NEXDOC system provides platforms capable of integrating with supporting systems and new technologies.

NEXDOC will vastly improve your interaction with us through:

  • interactive workflow processes
  • automation of billing processes

NEXDOC will also offer increased ability to print in your office.

Terminology change

In NEXDOC, ‘Request for Permits (RFP)’ will be known as Requests for Export Documentation (REX).

Increased integration

We will consolidate NEXDOC (where possible) with other internal support systems. This will reduce duplication of data entry.

As an exporter you will be able to:

  • apply to register export establishments, including viewing
    • status of application
    • establishment details
  • apply to register as a NEXDOC user
  • apply for a meat export licence
  • raise requests for certificate and permits
  • request additional documentation
  • request reprints and replacement certificates
  • update registration details
  • receive notifications and communicate with us
  • view invoices (scheduled for 2019)
  • pay accounts (scheduled for 2019)

Removing paper forms

NEXDOC automates manual certification and supporting export documentation. This removes the need for paper applications, including:

  • non-prescribed goods (other goods and honey)
  • non-Australian product
  • re-export certification
  • on-forwarding letters
  • letters of facilitation
  • extra certificates
  • requests for replacement certificates

The NEXDOC system offers an intuitive interface that guides you through your export documentation request.

Supplying information

You will be able to record additional export information, such as:

  • references to supporting export information to a request for export documentation
  • cross reference information
  • reference NVDs and transfer certificate numbers (for commodities such as meat)

You will be able to attach additional information to a request for export documentation, such as:

  • import permits
  • bills of lading
  • third country certificates