Independent observations of livestock export voyages by sea

​​​​The department administers an independent observer program for livestock export voyages by sea. From April 2018, Independent Observers have been placed on voyages to provide additional assurance of the effectiveness of exporter arrangements in managing animal welfare.

Regular reports from the independent observer to the department contain information about the daily care of animals and compliance against an exporter’s approved export program.

Australian Government Accredited Veterinarians and stockpersons continue to undertake the exporter’s program of activities; keeping animal welfare as their primary focus.

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, the Hon. David Littleproud, amended the Export Control (Animals) Amendment (Approved Export Programs and Other Measures) Order 2018 on 5 July 2018, which enables the publishing of records and reports made by Australian Government Accredited Veterinarians and authorised officers in relation to approved export programs, among other things (S1A.49). The department is working on procedures to enable the publishing of Independent Observer summary reports relating to voyages which departed Australia prior to 5 July 2018.

The department will publish this content as summary reports are completed for voyages accompanied by an Independent Observer. These reports summarise the key observations made by the observers from the loading of each vessel through to discharge at the final destination port.

The department has a national live animal exports hotline available to the public – 1800 234 002 (Monday to Friday, 8am – 8pm). If you are having difficulty accessing these files, contact us for help.


Independent Observer Reports

Report No.VesselSpecies and destinationVoyage dateStatus
23Ganado ExpressCattle to ChinaOctober 2018In progress
22Gloucester ExpressCattle to ChinaSeptember 2018In progress
21MaysoraCattle to Israel and JordanSeptember 2018In progress
20BahijahCattle to IsraelSeptember 2018In progress
19Ocean SwagmanCattle to ChinaSeptember 2018In progress
18JawanCattle to ChinaAugust 2018In progress
17Gloucester ExpressCattle to ChinaAugust 2018In progress
16Yangtze HarmonyCattle to ChinaAugust 2018In progress
15Gudali ExpressCattle to IndonesiaAugust 2018In progress
14JawanCattle to IndonesiaAugust 2018In progress
13JawanCattle to IndonesiaJuly 2018In progress
12Yangtze FortuneCattle to ChinaJuly 2018In progress
11JawanCattle to IndonesiaJune 2018In progress
10BahijahSheep and cattle to IsraelJune 2018Completed
9Al MessilahSheep and cattle to Kuwait, Qatar and UAEJune 2018In progress
8MaysoraSheep and cattle to TurkeyMay 2018In progress
7Al ShuwaikhSheep and cattle to Kuwait, Qatar and UAEMay 2018In progress
6Awassi ExpressCattle to Indonesia and MalaysiaMay 2018In progress
5Gudali ExpressCattle to VietnamMay 2018In progress
4Yangtze FortuneSheep to OmanMay 2018In progress
3Bader IIISheep and cattle to Israel and JordanMay 2018In progress
2Al MessilahSheep and cattle to Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and UAEApril 2018In progress
1MaysoraSheep and cattle to TurkeyApril 2018In progress