NPG160617 - Change to requirements for certificate M418 ‘Declaration of Imported Goods’

​Reference Number: NPG160617

Date of issue: 3 July 2017

Date of effect: 19 June 2017


Industry - Exporters of imported food requiring certificate M418 Declaration of Imported Goods

Central and Regional offices
Assessment Services Group

Overseas Market: All

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Manufacturer information no longer required

The Non Prescribed Goods (NPG) Program has reviewed the requirement for the overseas manufacturer details on the M418 certificate ‘Declaration of Imported Goods’. This review concluded that manufacturer information is not required to be included on M418 export certificates. As a result, the department will amend the M418 certificate template to remove the ‘Manufacturer’ field. The updated certificate will be in use as of 19 June 2017.

Exporters and agents will still be required to complete the ‘Application for a government certificate for non-prescribed goods’ for fully imported goods.

Exporters and agents are asked to include detail in Section C of the form with regard to the product itself.

  • Where product is fully imported and will be exported in the same covering and under the same trade description that it was imported, there is no requirement for details of the overseas manufacturing establishment to be included in the application form. Please note, in this instance, the department will issue an M418 certificate.
  • Where product has been imported into Australia and some form of processing (including any form of manufacture, treatment or relabelling) has been undertaken in Australia, the details of the establishment where this was done will need to be included on the application form, and on the certificate. Please note, in this instance, the department will issue an EX188 certificate, rather than an M418.

The department urges exporters to advise their importers of this change.

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