Plant Export Operations Manual

The Plant Export Operations Manual outlines the policy and procedures for exporting plants and plant products from Australia. It also lists instructional material, forms and user guides related to the export certification process. General information about plant exports and information for the various activities are available under the headings below.

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General information on exporting plants and plant products from Australia. For information specific to establishments, transport units, product inspections and documentation look at the related headings below.


Transport unit

For all types of transport unit inspections exporters may require the Request for plant exports inspection appointment form (if they are seeking an inspection from a departmental Authorised Officer).

Container approvals

Bulk vessel approvals

Product inspection

For all types of product inspections exporters need to lodge a Request for Permit via EXDOC or a Notice of intention to export prescribed goods EX28. Exporters will also need to submit a Request for plant exports inspection appointment form if they want to book a departmental inspection authorised officer.

Exporters must use an inspection authorised officer (AO) who has the appropriate accreditation for the product being presented. Below is a Reference document that lists what job function is required to inspect a particular group of plants or plant products for export.

Information and documents specific to product inspections can be found below. If you require other export certification and they are not listed below you can find them under the Documentation heading below.


Information and documents on preparing for and completing all types of horticulture product inspections for export from Australia are below. For all types of horticulture inspections you may also require these general resources.

Fruit and vegetable products

Nursery products

Equipment for horticulture inspections

Grain and plant products

Raw baled cotton

Hay and straw products

Forest products

Equipment for non-horticulture inspections


In transit cold treatment

In transit cold treatment calibration certificates


This section contains plant export document and certificate templates and guides. The documents are also listed with the relevant container, vessel and product inspection sections above.

Export documentation and certification


Fees and charges


This section contains instructional material for plant export systems:

Manual for importing country requirements (MICoR)

Plant Export Management System (PEMS)

The Plant Export Management System authorised officer user guide is provided below as a complete reference document. The user guide has also been broken down into the relevant sections to simplify use.

Version table

DocumentVersionDate of release
Volume 11.07 October 2011
Volume 21.07 October 2011
Volume 31.07 October 2011
Volume 41.07 October 2011
Volume 51.07 October 2011
Volume 6a4.018 February 2016
Volume 6b1.07 October 2011
Volume 71.07 October 2011
Volume 7A2.029 September 2014
Volume 83.229 September 2014
Volume 8A4.029 September 2014
Volume 8B1.129 September 2014
Volume 91.07 October 2011
Volume 102.129 September 2014
Volume 113.129 September 2014
Volume 121.07 October 2011
Volume 131.07 October 2011
Volume 142.08 September 2016
Volume 151.07 October 2011
Volume 161.07 October 2011
Volume 173.0February 2014
Volume 181.07 October 2011
Volume 191.07 October 2011
Work instruction: Prescribed grain and plant products (PGG3001)4.07 October 2015
Work instruction: Raw baled cotton (RBC3001)4.0October 2016
Work instruction: Hay and straw (HAS3001)5.07 October 2015
Work instruction: Forest products (FOP3001/3002/3003)3.117 December 2015
Work instruction: In-line sampling fresh fruit and vegetables2.120 January 2017
Work instruction: Completed consignments and lots fresh fruit and vegetables2.120 January 2017
Work instruction: Dried fruit2.120 January 2017
Work instruction: Nursery stock2.120 January 2017
Work instruction: Security and movement of horticultural produce1.01 July 2011
Work instruction: Protocol fresh fruit and vegetables1.023 December 2015
Work instruction In transit cold treatment4.024 February 2016
Work instruction: Empty container (ECI3001)4.07 October 2015
Work instruction: Empty bulk vessels (VFE3001)3.07 October 2015
Plant exports compliance, approval and running records user guide6.06 July 2016
Export Compliance Records2.0September 2014
Reference: Table of horticulture protocol markets6.029 June 2017