Independent review of the cost of export certification

We have commissioned an independent reviewer to undertake a review of the costs of our export certification activities. These costs are set out in the food and plant export Cost Recovery Implementation Statements (CRIS). This review will both complement and inform our public consultation on the CRISs.

We have engaged Ernst & Young to carry out the review.

Share your feedback by 22 November 2019

The reviewer is now accepting contributions up to 22 November 2019.

The reviewer is planning to hold meetings with various Industry Consultative Committee members.  In addition, all interested parties can submit written feedback to the reviewer via email to

There will also be some capacity for individual interaction with the reviewer.  Please contact the reviewer at to arrange this.


As a result of the extended consultation period, Ernst & Young will provide us with a report by mid December 2019.


This review will focus on food and plant export cost recovery. It will not include the live animal exports CRIS.

The independent reviewer will:

  • engage with industry representatives for their views on how efficiently and effectively we deliver food and plant export certification regulatory functions
  • investigate key cost drivers and consider other ways we can deliver our key regulatory functions more cost effectively
  • assess possible reported or discovered inefficiencies and recommend how we can improve our regulatory functions, including the use of technology solutions
  • develop a benchmarking framework based on comparable public and private sector regulatory activities.


The review will consider other relevant reviews, analysis and policies. This will include:

  • importing country requirements
  • the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines
  • the government’s policy to achieve and maintain full cost recovery of export certification activity
  • our broader policy and regulatory obligations
  • relevant analysis and costings of our cost recovery arrangements
  • Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) and industry commissioned reports from 2015.

About the reviewer

Dean Yates is a Partner and Victorian Government Leader for Ernst & Young. To learn more about Dean visit the Ernst & Young website.