​Before you process an Australian grown raw log, you need to understand your legal responsibilities.

Illegally logged timber

It is a criminal offence to process an Australian grown log that has been illegally harvested.

If you believe the log may have been illegally harvested, you should not process it.

If you do, and the log has been illegally harvested, you could face significant financial penalties and even prison time.

Due diligence

Before you process an Australian grown raw log, you need to actively manage the risk that the log has been illegally harvested. This process is called ‘due diligence’.

If you fail to complete your due diligence before processing the log, you could face significant financial penalties.

Find out how to do due diligence.

Processing raw logs

Under the illegal logging laws, processing includes activities such as turning raw logs into:

  • woodchips
  • sawnlogs
  • pulp
  • other timber products

Preparation activities at the harvest site are not considered processing. These include felling, delimbing, and preparing logs for transport.

Reporting illegal timber

We are always interested in hearing about potential illegal timber sources. If you have information about anyone dealing in illegally logged timber, you can call our Redline on 1800 803 006 for a confidential discussion.


See a range of resources to help with due diligence.

Questions and answers

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I have a document suggesting my timber comes from legal sources. Do I still need to do due diligence?

Yes. While the document can be used to support your due diligence assessment, it does not satisfy your due diligence obligations. You still need to undertake all of the steps outlined on due diligence for processors.

Australia is generally considered a low risk country for illegal logging. Do I need to do due diligence?

Yes. Illegal logging can occur in any country. While there are only isolated instances of illegal logging in Australia, Australia is not immune. You must still do due diligence.

I am buying a processed timber product from another business in Australia. Do I need to do due diligence?

No. If the product is in Australia and has already been processed, you are not required to undertake due diligence.

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