Sulfuryl fluoride detection and monitoring providers

​​​Department of Agriculture, 1 October 2019

The Sulfuryl Fluoride Register lists providers who are approved to conduct sulfuryl fluoride detection and monitoring services during biosecurity inspection.

Providers listed in the Sulfuryl Fluoride Register meet the following criteria:

  • The ability to provide a current calibration certificate for the Sulfuryl Fluoride device they will use.
  • Confirmation (via brochure or operators manual) that the device will read Sulfuryl Fluoride to 3PPM in 1PPM increments.
  • Qualifications relevant to their interaction and awareness of Sulfuryl Fluoride, and their capacity to operate the Sufluryl Fluoride device.
  • Provide certification that the presence of Sulfuryl Fluoride is 3PPM or less.


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​​ Providers wanting to be listed on the Sulfuryl Fluoride Register should contact