Landing places determined as first points of entry for aircraft

Public consultation on new first points of entry standards

Draft biosecurity standards for operators of first points of entry are now available for public comment.

Have your say on the proposed first points of entry standards.

​​​All international aircraft arriving in Australian territory must land at a landing place that has been determined a first point of entry under section 223 of the Biosecurity Act 2015.

Australia and its territories have ten international airports that are permanently serviced by the department and a further 19 that are not permanently serviced as first point of entry landing places. Prior permission from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is required to land at either an airport that is not permanently serviced or any non first point of entry landing places.

Plants, animals and other kinds of goods may only be landed at certain points. Overseas aircraft must comply with the Biosecurity Act 2015 and the First Point of Entry Biosecurity Determinations 2016 when entering an Australian airport.

Visit the aircraft application web page for further information on landing aircraft or goods at a non first point of entry.

A map of Australia’s first points of entry for aircraft

This map provides details of all of the department’s first points of entry landing places for aircraft.

You can also view a text-only version of the airports.