Imported food notices

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Imported Food Notices provide information to Department of Agriculture and Water Resources​ staff, clients, appointed laboratories and Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) on matters relating to changes to operational requirements in the monitoring of​ food imported into Australia. These notices are essential for stakeholders to keep abreast of issues relating to imported food requirements.

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Tests applied to imported food
17/1514 Sept 15 Tests applied to surveillance food
06/169 May 16 Tests applied to risk food
BSE and Foreign Government Certification
02/1617 Feb 16 BSE certification requirements for imported beef and beef products for human consumption
01/1519 Jan 15 Foreign government certification under the Imported Food Control Act 1992
General notices
​07/16​24 May 16Producer must be declared for all imported food​
01/1617 Feb 16 Food safety requirements for importing berries
21/1522 Dec 15 Outcomes of FSANZ heavy metals survey and border testing
20/1525 Sept 15Action on undeclared allergen in coconut drinks and powders
08/1412 Sep 14 Publication of impo​rted food risk statements
10/1420 Oct 14 Labelling honey – true description of the food
02/1423 Jan 14 Producer must be declared for all imported foods – Implementation date suspended
01/1423 Jan 14 Monitoring food imported from Japan for radionuclides
06/1326 Sep 13 Producer must be declared for all imported foods
04/132 July 13 Acceptable documentary evidence of a Producer
01/1228 Feb 12 Full declaration format Self-Assessed Clearance (SAC) must be lodged for risk foods with a value not exceeding $1000
03/1129 Mar 11 Food sampling under the Imported Food Inspection Scheme
52/0426 Oct 04 Restrictions on the importation of oysters from the Republic of Korea and specified marine areas of Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
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Last reviewed:
24 May 2016