Importing cut flowers and foliage

​To import cut flowers and foliage to Australia, you will not usually need an import permit however you must comply with conditions set by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources before you arrive. These conditions are designed to prevent the entry of exotic insects, plant diseases, and other biosecurity risk material into Australia.

Your goods will be inspected on arrival in Australia and may require further treatment, export or destruction if they do not meet the conditions​.

Import conditions

The department’s Biosecurity Import Conditions system (BICON) details the conditions for the importation of fresh cut flowers and foliage, including:

  • permitted species from each country of origin
  • off shore invertebrate pest management options
  • pre-export inspection requirements
  • pest proof packing requirements
  • restrictions on and additional treatments for propagatable species, including devitalisation.

Details of the devitalisation process can be found in the imported cut flower devitalisation treatment guide.

Different import conditions apply to dried or preserved flowers and foliage, please refer to dried or preserved cut flowers and foliage for more information.

Personal use

Passengers arriving in Australia on aircraft or cruise ships can bring fresh cut flowers into Australia, but they are limited to the equivalent of six (6):

  • small (shoe-box sixed) boxes
  • florist packages
  • bouquets.

You must declare all flowers and foliage on your incoming passenger card so that they can be inspected on arrival.

Commercial consignments

Cut flowers and foliage imported for commercial purposes must:

  • be certified by the National Plant Protection organisation (NPPO) of the exporting country on a phytosanitary certificate that states the full botanical name including genus and species of the goods
  • prepared for shipment using approved invertebrate pest management measures​
  • verified as free from live pests by the NPPO of the exporting country before export
  • packed in pest proof packaging
  • devitalised if they are propagatable species in accordance with the Cut flower devitalisation treatment guide.

Check BICON for the full list of requirements you need to meet to import fresh cut flowers and foliage into Australia.

Keep up to date

For updates on changes to cut flower import conditions you can subscribe to the Import Industry Advice Notices email notification system. This provides information on changes to legislation, procedural or importing requirements.

You can also register for a BICON account if you want to follow changes to cut flower import conditions. Information about how to follow a case is available at How do I use case options and case details.

Alternatively you can email the Imports team for more information.