Approved sources of Phalaenopsis spp. nursery stock from Taiwan

​​​​​Phalaenopsis spp. nursery stock can be imported into Australia either as nursery stock other than tissue cultures, or as tissue cultures (please see the department’s import conditions database BICON for conditions).

Phalaenopsis spp. nursery stock other than tissue cultures can be imported from a ‘non-approved source’ or from a high health ‘approved source’.

Phalaenopsis spp. nursery stock (other than tissue cultures) from a non-approved source are subject to biosecurity measures onshore in Australia. This includes insecticide treatment under supervision of a biosecurity officer and then growth and disease screening for a minimum of three months at either an Australian Government post-entry quarantine facility, or at a class 5.14 or 6.1 approved arrangement site.

What is a Phalaenopsis spp. nursery stock approved source?

Phalaenopsis spp. nursery stock (other than tissue cultures) from an approved source are produced under a “systems approach” in Taiwan which has been agreed to by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the department). This approach applies equivalent biosecurity measures to those performed on arrival in Australia. The systems approach reduces the risks of pests being present in imported consignments by ensuring the use of pest-free mother stock and maintaining a secure production environment to produce high health plants.

Summary of conditions for Phalaenopsis from an approved source:

The systems approach ensures Phalaenopsis spp. nursery stock for export to Australia from Taiwan are

  • grown in a Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine (BAPHIQ) registered greenhouse for a minimum of 4 months prior to being exported to Australia
  • sourced from pest-free mother stock that has been virus-tested
  • grown in an approved growing medium which has been pasteurized using hot water (80 °C for 30 minutes) Note: plants may also be exported bare rooted
  • regularly inspected by BAPHIQ during the growth in quarantine for pests and pathogens of quarantine concern to Australia
  • subject to an insecticidal and fungicidal treatment prior to export to Australia
  • inspected immediately prior to export by BAPHIQ to ensure freedom from live insects, disease symptoms and any other material of quarantine concern.

For further information, please see the Final review of policy for the importation of Phalaenopsis nursery stock from Taiwan

Importing Phalaenopsis spp. nursery stock from an approved source

Import conditions are listed in the BICON case titled ‘Phalaenopsis spp. from an approved source in Taiwan’. Import conditions are publicly available on Biosecurity Imports Conditions (BICON). Importers must hold a valid import permit and check specific import requirements for species they wish to import. The department also recommends that approved facilities regularly check Australian import requirements.

List of Phalaenopsis approved sources from Taiwan at 13 August 2019

Name of Facility / GrowerGrower's AddressGrower NumberGreenhouse Registration No.
Abundance biotechnology Co., Ltd No.35, Ln. 41, Longshe Rd., Longjing Dist., Taichung City 50-AP-011 50-AP-011-01
(withdrawn on 27 June 2019)
Agriculture Business Division, Taiwan Sugar CorporationNo.184, Wushulin, Houbi Dist., Tainan City70-AP-00570-AP-005-01
Brother Orchid Nursery Co., LtdNo.35, Ln. 41, Longshe Rd., Longjing Dist., Taichung City50-AP-006 50-AP-006-01 (reinstated on 23 Nov 2018)
Chen Chun PengNo.3-17, Tianzilin, Dapi Township, Yunlin County50-AP-012


Chi Yueh Enterprise LtdNo.1-68, Nanjin Rd.,
Wanluan Township, Pingtung County
Ho Xin Biological Technology Co., LtdNo.57-1, Xiatandi, Dalin Township, Chiayi County50-AP-013 50-AP-013-01 (added 13 May 2019)
I Hsin Biotechnology Inc.No. 20-1, Hu Tzu, San-Tsun Li, Talin Town, Chiayi County50-AP-00150-AP-001-01
Jhih Fang OrchidsNo. 59, Wujunying, Liuying Dist., Tainan City70-AP-01070-AP-010-01 (withdrawn on 1 August 2019)
Kailing Biotechnology Co., LtdNo.385, Wushulin,
Houbi Dist., Tainan City
Kirei Orchids Nursery Co., LtdNo.6, Ln. 1, Sanmin Rd., Zhutian Township, Pingtung County70-AP-00670-AP-006-01
Oriental OrchidsNo.26-10, Neighborhood 11, Wacuopu, Longshan Vil., Jhuci Township, Chiayi County50-AP-01050-AP-010-01
Shulong Flowers Industry Co., LTDNo.107-20, Wan’an Rd., Xinpi Township, Pingtung County70-AP-00770-AP-007-01
70-AP-007-02 (added 13 May 2019
Sogo by Dummen Orange Co. LtdNo. 187, Ronghua Lane, Jianxing Vil. Neipu Township, Pingtung County70-AP-00170-AP-001-04
70-AP-001-06 (reinstated on 23 Nov 2018)
Star OrchidsNo. 44, Neighbourhood 7, Fujin Vil, Jhuci Township, Chiayi County50-AP-00950-AP-009-01
Su-Chih-WenNo.182, Pinghe N. Rd., Kanding Township, Pingtung County70-AP-00870-AP-008-01 (withdrawn on 1 August 2019)
Sung Woei Co., LtdNo. 161, Zhongzheng Rd, Dapi Township, Yunlin County50-AP-002

(withdrawn on 2 January 2019)


Tai Ling Biotech Inc.No.468, Wushulin, Houbi Dist., Tainan City70-AP-00970-AP-009-01 (withdrawn on 1 August 2019)
Wang Min ChiNo. 23-8, Shanjiao Ln., Mingjian Township, Nantou County50-AP-00850-AP-008-01
50-AP-008-02 (withdrawn on 3 Sep 2018)
50-AP-008-04 (withdrawn on 3 Sep 2018)
Yu Pin Biological Technology Co., LtdNo.39, Huweiliao, Minxiong Township, Chiayi County50-AP-00550-AP-005-02
Yu Pin Biological Technology Co., LtdNo. 376, Wushulin, Houbi District, Tainan City70-AP-00470-AP-004-01


Only growers and greenhouses approved above are able to export under the conditions for Phalaenopsis spp. from an approved source in Taiwan. Suspended or withdrawn sources are not considered approved.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources reserves the right to suspend a facility, grower or greenhouse in the event of interceptions of biosecurity pests on-arrival in Australia. Reinstatement will be subject to an investigation by BAPHIQ and implementation of corrective actions.

When a new facility, grower or greenhouse is registered and approved by BAPHIQ, they will notify the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources who will then update the list.