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Department of Agriculture and Water Resources16Australian Government Department of Agriculture. Implementing policies and programmes to support the agriculture, fisheries, food and forestry industries.14/03/2019 23:55:5883560919htmlTrueaspx
ABARES113Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES). Research, analysis and advice on agriculture, forestry, fisheries and water22/03/2019 04:43:422581444http://www.agriculture.gov.auhtmlTrueaspx
Milk Price Index401085Milk Price Index13/03/2019 22:41:0675297http://www.agriculture.gov.auhtmlTrueaspx
Forest data workbooks43702118/03/2019 01:22:1171http://www.agriculture.gov.au/abares/forestsaustralia/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalseaspx
42-2019 - BICON, COLS, EXDOC, MARS, PEBS and PEMS unavailable from 00:01 to 03:00 Friday 29 March 2019 (AEDT) 43725126/03/2019 01:25:33http://www.agriculture.gov.au/Pages/Forms/Checked out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx
Man facing charges after endangered iguanas found in cruise ship cabin43726726/03/2019 01:57:57http://www.agriculture.gov.au/Pages/Forms/Checked out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx
Report 14: MV Jawan - Cattle exported to Indonesia in August 201843734226/03/2019 04:29:41http://www.agriculture.gov.au/Pages/Forms/Checked out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx
Report 17: MV Gloucester Express - Cattle exported to China in August 201843734326/03/2019 04:29:47http://www.agriculture.gov.au/Pages/Forms/Checked out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx
Register your interest in attending the Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) 2019-20 season industry information sessions43735626/03/2019 05:50:09http://www.agriculture.gov.au/Pages/Forms/Checked out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx
Forest sciences43716925/03/2019 23:57:59http://www.agriculture.gov.au/abares/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalseaspx